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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

In which I list the weirdest villains I have faced.

It’s Wednesday again!
I promised lists didn’t I?
Well lists I shall give you.

By the way, I will do more than lists from now on. This was just an especially busy time but things should chill out soon and I will do some more outfit posts and stories of adventures and pictures of Playmobil at the weekend.

Today I am going to do ‘the 5 weirdest villains I have fought.’

1. The Whittler. I mentioned him in a previous post. A man who had a power like mine, anything he carved could come to life. The problem was he had a real OCD problem about detail and so it would take him an hour to carve anything. In the meantime I could kick him in the head.

2. A Team of Mad Pyromaniacs. They really liked fire. But it didn’t get much more aggressive than that. Once they had started a small fire they just stood around and admired it. I took them down with an origami duck, but firemen could have too.

3. Count Olaf. You may have heard of some of his misdemeanours in The Series of Unfortunate Events series. He not only has a ridiculous nose and a viscous manner but he believes he is a great actor. I took him down by inviting him to a play put on my zombies. It’s a long story.

4. The Operatic. A terrifying woman with a beautiful but incomprehensible voice. Like most opera you could only get the gist of what she was singing about because it was all in an unknown language. Once she started singing you felt uncontrollable confusion and a crippling fear that you are underdressed. It is 100% distraction and as someone whose powers come from concentration and the mind it was a fearsome combination. I defeated her by eating sweets and rustling all my washi papers. Once she was irritated by my rudeness her voice wavered and I was able to face her as myself.

5. Sheep-Man. He had the power to turn himself into a sheep. He could then persuade other sheep to do his will. He tried to turn a terrifying hoard of rams against me. I made a sheep-dog out of origami.The above is me and John training hand-to-hand combat on a secluded beach.
Bye for now.

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  1. Heh heh, count Olaf! I completely forgot about him! I read all the Series of Unfortunate events as a young girl, and he was quite the bad guy...