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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

In which I list my favourite playmobil figures

I am blogging on a Wednesday again like I promised. At least I got that far. It turns out I really am a bad blogger. It's true that I have been very busy with one of my closest friends in the world disappearing and getting married (the other way round) and so had hen dos and plotting.
However making excuses is just boring so I may have to accept I am a little bit of a rubbish blogger. Im going to keep aiming to do every Wednesday and as often as possible at the weekend but saving the world has to be done at some time and I'm no longer making promises.
Anyway at the hen do we had to tell an interesting fact about ourselves and how we knew the lady in question. I decided to share my obsession with playmobil. If you have been reading this blog for a while you will notice that I am inconsistent with my topics and occassionally just post up pictures of playmobil. It interests me and I hope it interests some other people out there. Or you all think I'm mad.
So. Today's list is: my 5 favourite playmobil figures.
  1. The Cowboy.
This was my first ever playmobil figure. I bought him at a museum in California and played with him for the rest of that holiday. I took him with me to uni and wherever he sits on a shelf is home. He is my Woody. He was always the best guy when I played: a highwayman but friends with the native americans and only robbing from mean people.
  1. The Jester.
I really love jesters. I am scared of clowns but jesters are somehow cool. I also collect interesting jokers in packs of cards, so I had to have this figure. Then my sister bought me a gardener set for the chainsaw just so this could happen.
  1. Alanna
I got this figure because she reminds me of Alanna from the Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce about a girl who dresses as a boy in order to become a knight. It is a fantastic children's series which I talk about a lot and have really influenced me. I re-read them often. Also this figure could be a girl (as I think it was meant to be a boy) and that is rare in playmobil. For all that I love the toy I have no illusions that it is actually fairly sexist and I have a blogpost planned on that topic.
  1. Ninja.

I have tons of pirates so a ninja is just cool and necessary.

  1. Necromancer
I have this wizard figure for a while but I gained the necromancer staff recently and I love it. He is currently on my chest of drawers raising an army of the undead. Plus the skull on the end of the staff comes off.

One more thing. I played some dungeons and dragons a while back in which we made all of our characters into playmobil figures and I thought it looked good enough that it was worth recording.
We did some serious damage, plus I was a were-tiger.

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