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Friday, 2 June 2017

In which ComicCon got Overwatched


The most important pictures I'll take every year are my annual ComicCon photos. And this year is no exception. My crew went as 4 'casual' versions of characters from the ridiculously popular game Overwatch. Honestly, we were unprepared to see about 100 other people in the same charcters as us. But we still rocked it.

As usual, I'm going to do the 'side by sides' of our photos & our characters. Plus the best.

So I went as D.va. She's the mech-wearing pro-gamer selfie-loving badass that is my 'main' in the game. Here's what she looks like out of her mech-suit.

Image result for dva selfie highlight intro

I went as a 'casual' version of her, taking lots of elements from her costume and re-doing them for what might be her normal wear. I was also heavily inspired by the existing fanart. This year I didn't have as much time to make things from scratch. But the jacket was dyed from an original white version, with the patches sewn on. The headphones and the little bunny charm were also hadmade by me.

The art by  Jason Chan that was my main inspiration.
Just to get a sense of how many D.va there were:

The whole gang. 

My husband as McCree

I actually made lots of the elements here too. The little scarf, the elbow piece and the skull on his robot arm which we worked on making together.

Editorial Reaper & Soldier 76.


And for the fans....

Some of my other top Overwatch cosplays there:

And yes, there were people from other franchises present. For some reason this year I just didn't get many photos of them. But we did like this Steven Universe with dresses trio.

See you next year.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

In which I've been to Brazil

Copocabana beach, on the day we landed.
Going to Brazil has been on Andy and my's wishlist for a long time now, for many reasons. Andy  used to live there and wanted to show me all his old places, and give meaning and images to the stories. I'd wanted to go there, even before I met Andy, for the wildlife and the beauty. And to top it all off we have a great friend living there, the best man at our wedding who we hadn't seen in nearly 4 years.

So we skipped the sadness that is February in London and went to Summer heat in Rio. We were there for 2.5 weeks, so I'm going to split it into 2 posts so your Internet connection can deal with all the pics!

When we did the same thing of taking a big trip to Japan I blogged about all the small details I noticed about Japan, that were new, that were not commonly known things. But this time, I wasn't keeping a notepad of such things. Instead we were travelling with a friend who knew lots about the local history which I half-absorbed, but I am so bad with names and dates, I just got a general impression. (sorry!)

Not covered in the pictures at all is that I went to a bunch of art galleries, saw a lot of Brazilian art, and developed a sudden interest in Latin American painters which I bought a book on and am still reading. Nor is the copius drinking of cairpirinias, the eating of fejoada and the playing lots of board games covered  - despite being key parts of what made the trip. But what I do have is so many beautiful views, and monkeys.

No trip is complete without visiting Corcovado and the statue of Christo de Redentor.
The view from Jesus' viewpoint.
This is Parque Large - an amazing mini-rainforest, right near Andy's old home.

Taking a walk into the trees
The first time I saw monkeys!

Beautiful Escada de Selaron, a long series of steps completely covered in tiles. 

We went up that cable car to the top of Sugarload Mountain.

where there were views

and art

and monkeys!!!




So much spray it's like clouds are forming!

Then we went to a bird park right next to Iguasu falls.

Chilling in little swings.

Beautiful bromiliads

These beautiful parrots!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

In which I became Sera

I havent really blogged in 2016 but in many ways it's been one of the best years of my life. (For me personally, not so much for the world) And that's partly why I didn't blog. I was doing so many things that I didnt want to spend the time writing about them. And the same with the fashion outfit pictures. I realised that part of the motivation was me taking photos of myself to feel better about myself, to see myself looking good and get validation from the quality of the pictures, and the nice comments. It was also about self-discovery, I was playing with styles, being inspired by others and choosing what to wear so very thoughtfully. I think that I've reached a place of having a lot more body confidence, and so counter-intuitievly I take less pictures of myself.

For a while. I mean, there's always selfies
That being said, I realised today that actually, I just miss it. I miss the diary aspect of it, having that record, just for myself, to see on what I did every year. I also miss photography. It's been months since I went somewhere with my camera (although I also developed a back problem so it's harder to carry than it used to be - that's a different story). I also looked back through my old photos and was inspired by my past-self, and  I want to keep giving myself that chance.

So I'm going to dip my toes back into blogging. I'm not going to set myself any goals of once or twice a week like before. But if there's one thing that's a real highlight it was MCM ComicCon 2016.

 I've blogged about this year after year. But this year was definitely the best ever. I went as Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition, along with my husband and two talented good friends, also as characters from the same franchise.
 My girl.

Here's the set of my crew, in our classic comparison shots.

Andy as Hawke

Nic as Cassandra

Tom as Alistair

Don't we make an amazing set?  One thing that made this year so good was all being in a theme together. We all looked so good, spot on for our characters. I felt proud of everyone.

One of the things that made this year so good, was that we spent hours hanging out with other Dragon Age cosplayers, and taking so many photos with them. Here's Andy as Hawke, with a whole group of adorable Merrils.

 And me with a group of other Seras, running around and throwing bees.

 And this Dorian wasn't with us, but he is just so spot on for the character it's incredible.

I love my Sera costume, even more than my Erza one, and I desperately want to wear it again some time. I am so proud of the jacket that I made. It's all sewn together, no glue. It fastens on the front with the little clasps and fits properly. I have it hanging up in my home office waiting for another convention, or costume party. And if I get invited to a Halloween event, I'm being Sera all night long again. It's so wonderfully freeing to be her.

I didn't take a lot of work-in-progress shots this year. Not like when I decided to blog the entire process of being Erza! But I do have a little bit of progress shown on making the dress, and even cutting the wig:

Oh, and I think even the weird haircut kind of suits me! I keep thinking... should I get this done for real? But then I remember that the point of Sera is she looks a mess.

I even fletched my own arrow.
Best Comic Con Ever.