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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

In which I begin to list

I have decided (as part of Being a Better Blogger) that I am going to attempt to do a regular feature on my blog. I am going to do Wednesday Lists.

I organise myself through making lists and I really enjoy doing them. I love To Do lists. I love the satisfaction of ticking things off. I think it relates to my interest in graphs which I mentioned a while ago. I love to see progress and list achievements. I like to self-evaluate. Perhaps I'm just a little mad. I actually have a book of lists. Sometimes To Do lists, but actually it has all sorts of other ones in it that I slowly update. Like one embarrassing thing is I keep a list of the presents I have got my boyfriend. It's not to show off, or even feel smug to myself about awesome presents -its so I can keep it varied. He may love boardgames but getting them every time wouldn't be exciting.
I also keep lists of places I have been, aspirations, places to go, funny quotations and new types of kisses. Types of kisses (as it may need a note) include machine gun (rapid kissing), suprise kisses (self-explantory), high five kisses (you kiss each other moving sideways very fast). Wow. This sounds lame so we'll move on.

To prove my love of lists, having decided to do this I made a List of Lists. A list of possible lists I could blog about! Oh yeah.

So today's list? "My all-time favourite Etsy shops." Here we go:
1. BonjourPoupette. Weird and beautiful polymer clay animal scultpures that are occassionally also creepy. 2. Patrick Irla Jewellery. Makes amazing delicate pieces of jewellery that relate to nature and yet are still unlike anything I've ever seen before.

3. Prunella Soaps. Obviously makes soap. I know a lot of places supply soap so that might not be so unique. However her photographs are. I love the style of her shop. It really has a distinct feel to it. One day I will actually buy some soap from her.

4. Shirae. Artwork that I long to own. I have a set of three paintings that I swear will one day be up in my future house. They have images of girls in forests often, with a sense that trees are comforting rather than scary, something I really identify with.

5. The Pretty Pixie. She makes little dolls of things. Out of wood. Generally she paints wooden dolls with the likeness of a couple on their wedding day as a custom listing. However there are also things full of win, like this:

That will do for now. In choosing these I have realised that a future list needs to be: 'I want to have kids just so I can justify buying this' Like a bookcase shaped like a tree. More of that in the future.

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