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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

In which I fight a crazed whitler

Could it be, could it be, could it possibly be Benjamin? No it's a blog post again and actually on a Tuesday!

I really haven't had much time for jewellery making I'm afraid. There has been a weird pandemic of people challenging me to duels.
The other day this guy declared that he could best Origami Girl in a battle of artistic powers. His name was ChipperMan.
Not because he was happy but because he could whittle things out of wood and bring them to life. Coincidently like mine I admit but really slow. He then sat down with a knife and spent aages trying to carve out this intricate owlbear to attack me.
I sat down and watched till he was about half way through. Then I made some paper men who over powered him, tied him up, took away his weapons and slapped him in the face. I didn't phone the police or anything. He didn't seem criminally unhinged just a little bit overconfident that a wood-thing could beat paper. Wrong again.

On the jewellery front I was talking to my friend at HighlandBooks on etsy about Artfire and its pros and cons. I am seriously considering getting a shop there. However the problem is then I am splitting the promotion. I already have www.eccentric-accessories.com which most of my friends know by heart and spout delightfully to anyone who compliments their jewellery.
I have www.etsy.com/shop/EccentricAccessories which is far too long a name to get people learning off by heart but I feel looks far more professional than my website.
Would an Artfire shop be too much? However it is free and therefore I have nothing to lose except my time. Etsy offers so much in terms of business advice in the blog and community posts that I do get a bit overwhelmed with lists of things I should be doing.

And then I get distracted by pyromaniacs trying to burn a forest down. More on that next time.

Any thoughts on spreading myself out too thin business wise?

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