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Thursday, 4 November 2010

In which I stop a forest fire

I will tell you adventures from last week today. I will also shut up about Halloween shortly but I just want to show a picture of my friend dressed as an elf from the dead marshes.
How awesome is this?

We went outside an had a little photo taking exchange, including a much better one of my Princess Mononoke costume, but I don't think I can let you see it. It reveals my face and I just don't have time to faff with Photoshop and draw on a mask. Sorry guys.

I also finally put some new jewellery up with this Christmas necklace, I am so very proud of the photo. It's taken on the fur I used for my Princess Mononoke costume.
-->I also used a little playmobil Father Christmas in the background. I have decided for this Christmas display I am going to mix my winter sets and my zombies and have all the playmobil zombies opening presents. When December comes I will create this and photograph it!

So a while ago now there was a small forest fire in my area. I say small because this is Britain, our forests don't get very big. I went along to deal with it and found 5 guys all standing around gazing at the fire in awe, a bit like zombies.

Turns out they had all been infected with 'pyromania.' Yup some typical evil doctor has found away to give people crazy obsessions. However he clearly planned on them getting further with the fire lighting than staring at it and saying 'preeeetty.'
Fire is a bit of an issue for me in some ways. Paper doesn't take kindly to being burnt. Once my creations are made and transformed they are fine, I just have to ensure my satchel of washi paper doesn't get harmed first.
I'm still searching for the ideal solution to this so suggestions are welcome. I also simply don't like fire very much.
I took them down by doing a beautiful origami model of a duck on a pond. I made it take form in the air above the fire and so the duck could fly away and the pond water fell flat over the burning trees and soaked the infected guys.

I may have to look further into what caused that situation. When I interviewed the pyromaniacs afterwards they have no memories of the last 48 hours. I'm not sure I want anyone getting up to sneaky science shenanigans.

This is fantastic! Made by a guy after my own heart! He sells paper crafted creations on Etsy.

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  1. Haha, wooow, your friends is...well...really elfine.