Origami Girl

Friday, 22 July 2011

In which I love Elmer and Spirograph

I have so many childish things that I love, many of which I have mentioned here before (oh so many times). I love playmobil and lego and comics and children's books. I often think that I want kids one day just so I can read out loud to them. In fact I read aloud to my boyfriend on occassion. I have read most of Howl's Moving Castle out loud as a bedtime story for both of us and before we were even 'dating' I read him a story I had written out loud.

So anyway I recently bought this amazing thing. A bag of Elmer books! Lots of books and an adorably cute bag that I can use to carry books around in! It came with 10 Elmer books, which I have kept to give away whenever there is an opportunity to give a child I know a book. I bought the whole set of books though just for this bag.

I decided to theme my outfit today around my love of the childish by also wearing my 'spirograph' dress. I don't know if you had spirograph when you were little, but it is a very inventive toy. You get little cogs with holes in them the right size for a pencil point and a toothed circle with paper underneath. Depending on which hole you have placed the pencil in, as you move the cog around the teeth it draws interesting patterns. My sister had a little travel set and I would actually go buy another one just for fun, to keep in my handbag and play with on trains.

(Dress: Desigual, Shoes: Next, Jacket: XXI, Earrings: EccentricAccessories, Bag: Book company)

I don't know if my love of childish things is just too immature but I like to think of it as being partly a good sense of nostalgia and partly a good sense of fun.

p.s. I dyed my hair! It's now mahogany rather than drab brown.


  1. I love your bracelets and leather jacket! =)


  2. Ah, I still adore playmobil and lego too (fortunately I have a younger brother so I can still safely indulge in favorite childhood things). What an incredible print on your dress. And Elmer! Elmer is an icon of print!