Origami Girl

Sunday, 17 July 2011

In which I have a new background

The busy life I lead! The procrastination I undertake! It amazes all.

Seriously. I have had a little holiday and I intended to spend it writing my essay on Neil Gaiman. I did re-read Wolves in the Walls, I did read bits of 'Cybersexualities' and 'The Gendered Cyborg.' I did write about 900 words. You know what else I did though?

Played epic amounts of Fable and then played around with my blog settings! Yay.

Originally I thought the papery background matched the paper theme of some of my blog posts. However I have realised:
1. I tend to talk about origami less than I planned when I set up this blog.
2. The background makes my posts look quite lost
3. I was bored of it.

Number 3 was a major influence in my decision.
What do you think? Good idea? Easier to read?(Page from the Wolves in the Walls, a picture book which I am talking about alongside cyborgs. Hopefully one day that will make sense)


  1. I'd rather look at a blog with good content than a fancy background. x hivenn

  2. I think the new blog layout looks just beyond lovely! I just had my re-done, to so us great minds must think alike, hehe ❤

    Hope you're doing just lovely and enjoying your summer!