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Friday, 29 July 2011

In which I am inspired by ballet and move house

I wore this outfit in my last week in the town where I went to University before finally moving on. In this picture I am just about the go to the Japanese restaurant around the corner and have one last nom on raw salmon and prawn maki before I move to my parentals home where there isn’t even a bowl of miso soup. Sigh. How I love Japanese food.
The bright side of being here is that all my books are in one place. This makes me ridiculously happy. Yesterday I wore myself out unpacking boxes, particularly clothes. In my room here I have 2 wardrobes full of clothes, so you can image I have quite a lot. I was quite ruthless though because when I opened drawers and found things in I thought, ‘What are these doing here! I haven’t worn this in years’ and made a massive pile for the charity shop.
Anyway back to the books. My relaxing part of unpacking in organising bookshelves. I love it. So my next blog post I am going to post up pictures of my much-loved books. I reckon I have over 1000 books. I may even count them if I get bored.
On to the outfit! I was going for a ballerina-esque look with the light pink and the white tights and top. I’m not sure it entirely worked; I don’t really have the grace or figure of a ballerina and in fact have never done ballet in my life. But I went with it anyway! The funny thing is when I was younger I hated anything 'girly' and pink and despised any assumption that I would like pink things. My sister and I suffered the affliction of a few relatives who continued to buy us make-up and nail varnish and pink things no matter how unenthusiastic we were for them. However now I am older I dress almost entirely in skirts, only owning one pair of jeans, and here I am in a pink skirt of all things. I guess I have found that I can be feminine in dresses and skirts and still read comics and like dragons. Who cares now?
I have an obsession with brogues, owning many pairs that look very similar with just different height heels, but these are my favourites. Just enough heel to make me more like normal height but not too much that I fall over. Love love love.
Featuring some of the bangles I wore in my last outfit post, but with even more added on! I’m wearing these pretty much every day at the moment.
(Outfit. skirt: asos, tights: asos, brogues: asos, bow: made by my mum, top: Matalan, Bag: Topshop, bangles: various)


  1. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  2. Oh, what an adorable, adorable outfit! I've become obsessed with brogues lately,as well. I never used to like them before I found out how comfy and actually cute they are!

    Hope you're doing lovely ❤