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Sunday, 7 November 2010

In which I make a 16 pointed cosmos destroying paper star

So today I have some beautiful photographs to show you. I'm being very subjective here as these are photos I have taken it's true. I'm just feeling especially proud of them. I spent two hours today making this 16 pointed modular star. I know you are thinking 'but you are Origami Girl, you can make anything' Well. That's kind of true. However I do have to learn how to make new folds occasionally you know. Once I have got this down I think it will be fantastic.
Anyway this is how it looked

You see how I made it out of cosmos printed paper? I had a pause for a while and consider what would happen if I made it real. You know how I can make anything I make become solid. What if I made a star? John got a little bit worried that I was about to bring the universe to its knees by making a massive star the size of the sun enter out solar system and destroy everything. I think I could try making a miniature star but then you start considering how that would actually work with the molecules and things. I have always found it best with super powers to not be too interested in science or you can't believe in yourself.

On another note I ordered some more buttons from eBay.
I love buttons. As much as I love beautifully patterned paper. I get so excited about buttons I want to roll around in them. Maybe not go that far... or do I?

Here is my joy and light of my heart.

Oh I love my beautiful button box with its beautiful colour co-ordinated buttons.

And I also put up these earrings made of clay and thread on my Etsy shop here. You may remember them from a blog post a long time ago. I put them on eBay where they failed to sell, before I even owned Etsy. I just wanted to make a point about how much I have learnt in the last few months, photography wise.
Obviously I still have a long way to go. Don't think all these shots are being dancing around singing 'I'm amazing,' but I am rather proud.
Also you may have noted the recurring background of the musical score. This is actually photographed on an antique leather bound copy of Beethoven's Sonatas that me and John found in a wonderful second hand bookshop.

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