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Sunday, 1 August 2010

In which I discuss some random details

Hello again.
So now I am not sure whether to continue with my delectable back-story or to let you know what I have been up to today. Nah. Back story first otherwise this will clearly get confusing.
After that fight I described, no wait, not really a fight because they didn't get a chance to do anything back. I suppose I was a little harsh on them but someone has to deal with this kind of stuff and I managed to both confuse and hurt them and they couldn't possibly blame it on anyone specific. After that I realised that there was so much potential with my power to do good. That sounds a little bit soppy but it was clear that I needed to do something with this other than using it as a way of getting round paying train fares. (which is by the way so useful)
Also it doesn't work for making food. I can make something that looks and feels a lot like food but once I tried making a little cake out of paper and when I ate it and hour later I felt very ill. The thing is they are still at essence paper, just persuaded into being something else for the time being. I say this because I had wondered if I could just fly to famines and provide them with a feast out of nothing but it doesn't work like that. The power is unfortunately a temporary one and finding your stomach filled with paper just makes the hunger worse. Good job I checked it on myself first.
It does work at saving people from attacks on the street or trapped in collapsing buildings.
Moving onto today's jewellery:
Today I am posting up a pair of earrings I made in my spare time whilst listening to the radio for any interesting events I should check up on.
I still have so much to learn about the extent of my powers. For example today I was wondering whether I can trace my talents with paper to wood and other such materials.
I experimented with string on these, using fine thread wound round a fimo loop (which looks so pretty and shiny) to make a really nice texture. I was also really hoping that I could then make them into a coil of rope or a throwing ring but no matter or concentration achieved anything.
However I have ended up with a lovely pair of earrings to sell to my readers.
Here they are.
Same system as last time. I put them up on eBay under this heading: Handmade Colourful Large Hoop Earrings
Here is the link:
Then bid as you see fit, if no one buys they go back into the box for later offers.
Have a lovely day. :)

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