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Sunday, 14 November 2010

In which I ramble about prawns, graveyards and photography.

You may remember last week I was feeling so proud of my photography? This week it all seems to have fallen apart. I have tried so hard and yet my camera is refusing to focus properly. It keeps putting the focus on the wrong things. Its so frustrating when I'm trying to put things up on Etsy.
The photography standard is so high there it's intimidating. I spent hours this weekend trying to photograph one necklace!
Finally did it! Sometimes trying to own an Etsy shop feels like too much hard work I have to say. However Christmas soon so hopefully some sales of shiny things.
In other news I went to see a play this week based on The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (oh yes its him again) and it was fantastic! I was so impressed, especially as the theatre was almost built for the performance. It was next to a graveyard and they did a couple of scenes outside and a few in the attic of the theatre. It made me feel all in love with good theatre again. I know I talked about how much I love theatre before as I reviewed my fringe experience. The thing is that with all the student protests there seems to be a backlash against the arts and some people seem to think they are useless. Well. Seeing a brilliant play of a brilliant book where everyone came away impressed made me just want to stick my tongue out at them all, or turn their science and law degree certificates into paper finger puppets.
Also going to have a brief Art Nerd moment. I suddenly feel that Dave McKean's drawings (above) look a lot like John Piper work (below).
This picture is massive and totally irrelevant to my blog post but I just love his work. So there.
I haven't mentioned it much before but I am also massively into cooking. I used to be fairly bad I believe but in the past few years living away from parentals I have got a lot better. I say this today because I made a meal I was so proud of.
Onions, mushrooms and garlic cooked with some basil. Then a little bit of chopped tomatoes thrown in (not the whole can) and stirred round. Wait a bit and then added double cream and red wine.
While all that was cooking I also had some spaghetti on. Poured the spaghetti into a wok full of sauce and stirred that round. The put it on a plate. THEN add a box of pre-cooked king prawns and some spinach leaves to the top of the meal. It was so amazing. For some reason the photo is terrible, (I said Im having a photography fail) and doesn't show how pink the whole meal looked and the shinyness of the prawns. But there was no way I was going to set up a light box and tripod when I could eat it all up. Nom nom nom.
I promise you this is not going to turn into a cookery blog. I just wanted to share this beauty with you. My blog entry is a little all over the place this week, even a little bit of politics in there. However Origami Girl does have to eat and have a bit of fun. Besides it's good to talk about other things than my superpowers occasionally.
Next week though I'm going to update you on the pyromaniac-creating local scientist.

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