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Thursday, 3 September 2015

In which there are many ways to support and help refugees right now

I'm not going to waste my time writing about why you should support refugees in Calais, the people dying in the ocean, and those fleeing from war. I want to go straight to how.

So the British government has let us down, they don't want to help refugees. Well, that doesn't mean we have to let Britain be forever tarred as full of self-absorbed racists, do we? We can do something ourselves! There are actually tons of British people doing decent things and
campaigning and supporting refugees. And so I've spent a while today, gathering all the ones I can find so far. If you want to help out, here are just some of the ways:

Physical events to go to
  • Calais Convoy
    Date: October 3rd
    If you can drive and have a car, you can help actually deliver donated goods to the people in Calais. They desperately need more drivers, and have
    more donations than they can currently deliver. They also allow people to claim for staying overnight.

  • Secret Cinema Presents a world wide screening protest
    Date: 12 September
    Secret Cinema usually does weird events with films being screened in warehouses and people in costume. They will be doing some form of mass protest
    action event, with a film screening. Not sure about it - but it may have a good impact.

Community groups to join
Places to donate to
If you are in the US, the incredible Jillian York has made a list of places you can donate to there. (Many UK sites won't take US donations and vice
versa). I'm not going to replicate her work, but please check it out.

In-kind donations
There are many places that are after specifics: phone chargers, books, clothes etc.
Monetary donations
There are many many charities who are supporting refugees that you can donate to, and some support on food, water, legal aid, medicine etc. I've put a few below that I support. However, feel free to make your own call on where you think best - the article in the Independent has a great list too.
Petitions to sign
I sometimes wish there weren’t so many petitions because I feel they can dilute or duplicate campaigns. Today I’ve decided I care enough to just sign every petition and do every action possible. Not my usual style but I’m edging my bets as it were. So these are all the ones I’ve done so far,
with the target, ask and link:
As stated above, I obviously haven't put every single thing happening, even just in the UK. I'm not an expert in this area, I'm just a woman in the UK, sharing what I've found so far, largely for people here. As the day has gone on, I have seen more and more actions, which is great so if you want to share more stuff in comments, please do so.

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