Origami Girl

Monday, 31 August 2015

In which there is pastel hair and pondering

This one means a lot to me. 

I really like fashion. I love forming an identity with my clothes and feeling confident in them. I love scrolling through pinterest or tumblr or asos and being inspired by it. And this year I feel more and more sure of what my own fashion is. I know exactly what I'm looking for now, and who my inspirations are. (And though we look nothing alike, and I am never as fabulous as her, Arabelle Sicardi is one in particular: Check her out). As a result I've also cleared out more than half my wardrobe this year, which has been very satisfying.

And feeling confident in my clothes makes me increasingly more substantial, more present in the world. I just feel so real here.

I wrote before about how much having a pixie cut made me feel 'more like myself', and now I've gone and dyed in with pastel pink and purple, I love it even more. I get that same feeling of 'this is who I am'.

For so long I thought I wasn't the right 'type' to like fashion, (not just that I wasn't cool at school -I am so over that hangup) but also that I am majorly interested in politics. I spend a lot of time reading (and working on) the serious issues in the world. Sometimes I am weighed down by it all - by the horrible things happening in my country, by our politicians, and around the world. And the shame and guilt of who we are, my complictness is the mess we have: it gets to me. I think, who am I to delight in such silly things as clothes and make-up? But actually, there's politics in both. There's a whole lot of politics to everything. But there's also power to it. Because when I feel that these clothes are me finally being who I feel I am inside, it means I can be stronger and better when it comes to campaigning for a better world.

And it is always ok to take of yourself too.

So it's just a simple outfit, but a whole lot of feelings.



  1. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your blogging so much, and love getting inspiration from your posts! <3

  2. I love your hair is beautiful like this! I wish I had a job that would allow me to have pretty colors. It's hard being into style when you're also very passionate about other big world ideas because people expect you to only be able to care about one or the other. But for me, I've learned you can like important topics and like to be cute because those two aren't synonymous.