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Monday, 7 September 2015

In which I have a relationship, with television

It’s funny how I remember the years of my relationship with Andy as accompanied by tv shows. We spent the first 2 years together watching Bleach from start to finish. Hundreds of episodes and many many evenings. I associate classic anime with that first student bedroom, its cold brick wall against my back, perched on the end of the bed with his laptop awkwardly balanced in front of us. 

We watched House together on and off throughout our relations, but we cried together at that beautiful ending soon after we moved into our first place. Back when the room was still fairly bare and our tv was tiny and we watched House late at night, struggling to find work in London. 

Then in 2013 we were all about Fairy Tail, culminating in me dressing up as Erza, the beautiful knight who learns that she doesn’t need armour to be tough, but my god can she kick ass when she needs to. I found her a complete inspiration, and delighted in channelling her and being kids' hero for the day.

At the close of 2014 we had just finished watching both sets of Avatar shows, with my jaw dropping at seeing a biracial bisexual couple close the most moving of animated stories. Then this year we were all about Buffy, accompanied by lots of post-show discussion of feminism and not-called-bisexual Willow. 

There's the annual ones, the shows that have come up again and again, like watching Project Runway where we choose our favourite designers and root for them all the way.  Or watching Doctor Who where we complain about how it doesn't live up to our expectations every week, but still tune in for the next one because it's still Doctor Who.

I love to read books for sure. I curl up with comics weekly, on my iPad and in their collected volumes piled high on the shelves. There's certainly hundreds of novels in our house. But I think it is tv that is a shared experience, that makes the memories for us. 

Their soundtracks are the noise of nostalgia. Those characters represent something of ourselves at each point in our relationship. So when we sit down and look at each other to say 'what shall we watch next?', I'm excited about where it's going to take us together. 

Also: These are pictures from our recent trip to Brighton. It has nothing to do with television. But you've all seen a tv before, so I thought this would be more interesting than different angled shots of our screen. 

Uhhh, what?


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  1. These photos are so DREAMY. Like I want to be in this place! America (at least my america) looks nothing like this! And your hair! Seriously so good. I like defining relationships with movies, music, or clothes. It's the perfect benchmark for nostalgia.