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Thursday, 27 August 2015

In which there are just enough dinosaurs

I didn't actually set out for dinosaurs, they just ended up happening really. But then I always believe in wholeheartedly embracing dinosaurs where they occur.

So Andy and I actually went to the Natural History Museum in London to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the weekend. It's simply one of my favourite things. I've been to it many times (well, somewhat annually), and I never fail to be amazed and inspired. I mentioned a while back getting the book of 50 years of the award, with the best of the best. And so now I have the first collection book, since that book. Anyway, it's just incredible photography. I don't have photos of it, because you don't really take photos of photos. You can see all the winners on the site though, but there were even more than this to admire:

I always find it so relaxing to look at, and my personal winner was a photography of a mountain circled by the Northern Lights with a waterfall in the forground. It said he'd taken it as a long exposure using several different lightings during the shot to make it all glow.

There was also a photo of some bright greenish yellow parakeets flying through a cemetry in London which was really inspiring. Andy and I kept thinking that we'd seen parrots in our local nature reserve, but then were convinced we were mad. Parrots? In Britain? But then this photo explained that lots of South African parakeets had migrated to South England. This means I might have some great photography material just down the road! So then, with that exhibition done we had classic scones and cream in the cafe, and then went to look at skeletons. And spent a couple of hours taking pictures of back-lit bones. Just a perfect British day really.

I got that pearly necklace in Spain and have hardly taken it off since. I swear it goes with everything and I love it to bits.

Wonder Woman bag is the best.



Breathtaking architecture.

Charles Darwin has had enough of your sass.
Fear the animatronic dinosaurs!
Home time

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