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Sunday, 26 July 2015

In which Summer has been happening

It's a little embarrassing to myself, to see all the things that have passed by in the last month without any blogging. Yet rather than feel completely ashamed I can celebrate that life has been so well and truly stuffed with fun. Each of these deserves a post in its own right but instead I'm just going to dip my toes into them again and be excited that there will be more stuff to blog about in the future.

1. Weddings
 I went to my friend's wedding about a month ago and everything was at absolutely peak cuteness. We danced away at the ceilidh and I had tears in my eyes for the hymns.

 2. Spain
I went on holiday to the same place as last year. The same house, same sea, same restaurants with largely the same friends. And you know what? If anything it was even better than before. I am completely in love with Spain and I yearn so much to live somewhere like that, where everyday I can swim with fish and put my snorkel on.

Slide cars. Isn't this the best invention?

3. ComicCon
 This year I went as The Little Prince from... Le Petit Prince, the children's book. I also experienced what ComicCon is like if you dress up as someone literally nobody recognises. Strangely isolating in truth. When everyone around you is saying 'I love your costume' or 'Oh my God! It's my favourite character/love interest' and none of that is directed at you, it's a bit odd. I mean I did look darn cute as the prince but I've learnt a lesson for next year - I like attention and I'm going as someone popular. (More on that below). My friends all had brilliant costumes, which I put on my tumblr if you are interested.

4. Bioware.
Since Christmas when we got our new tv I have worked my way through Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3. I have played Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2 and now I'm desperately in love with Dragon Age Inquisition, the triumph of games made by Bioware. My past love of Fable II for all its customisation, cuteness and characters has been thrown out the window by this set of games. And like a true geek all I want is for everyone to appreciate its brilliance: so go play it!  And that's why next ComicCon I'm already heart set on playing Sera from Inquisition. 

My in-game girlfriend

Check out my utter cutie of an Inquisitor.  
 5. One last thing: Homemade Lego sweets.
Enough said.

So that was June & July for me all crammed in at once. :)

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  1. Summer is a great time to be busy! That dress looks great on you! Always happy when you come back to the internet!