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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

In which I'm all about my armour

I just wanted to give a little update on where I've been these last few weeks. I've not taken outfit photos in far too long! I've been having lots of family visits at the weekends, and in the week? I've been crafting and killing Yetis.


You may remember that I posted about making my Erza Scarlet costume a little while ago. Well since then, in every spare moment I've been adding little bits to it. And lying awake at night thinking about making gauntlets breathable, or watching tutorials on changing your eyebrow colour. So for a latest report, in my last post I'd just about finished the base breastplate. Well that's all done now. And so is the sword, and gauntlets, and pauldrons, and a belt. I've been working hard.

So we left it at about the below, pre-paint. 

All grey spray painted, ready for details.

Painting on the symbol for her chest.
Painting done! Black markers round the lines for cartoon effect.

Making the sword now! It's all cardboard. I made the hilt without any progress photos.
Working out the proportions for the hilt.

The cardboard pieces laid out for glueing together.

Layered up and ready to add paint.

Sword finished!

Just starting on the gauntlets picture. They went from this to amazing in a few hours.
Sorry about the bad photo. Taken over breakfast. :)
Oh yeah, and killing yetis? Neverwinter, my online game just released a major expansion called Icewind Pass and I've been fairly obsessively playing it ever since.

Also, if you are in the UK, reading this. A side plea: Whatever you do today, please vote. This European election is really really important. There are no yetis involved but there is the chance to make a real difference to the UK by voting for a party who will actually participate and stand up for you. There's a very good blog here on how to decide who you are voting for.


  1. OMG! This sword is a masterpiece!!! *_* Loving how the armor is working out so far, you have some serious skillz! :D Yup, we have elections too, sad part is there's no one decent enough to vote for!

  2. The sword is awesome! I know nothing about cosplay but I can appreciate the time and effort going in to making the costume! Can't wait to see the finished piece on you!