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Sunday, 1 June 2014

In which comic con happened

Erza Scarlet, from the anime Fairy Tail

Corvo Attano, protagonist of the game Dishonoured
Katniss Everdeen of the film/book The Hunger Games

Dr McNinja, of the webcomic The Adventures of Dr McNinja
I went to London MCM Comic Con one week ago. And after a radio silence on my blog because all my time has been spent building this look, I can share with you the finished outfit. These pictures could have been posted sooner but I decided to spend some effort for myself and my friends to show who is is we went dressed as and how are costumes were in comparison. I think the four of us were all brilliant, and I'm really proud of how good we look.

We did all the classic Comic Con things: demo'd the new Lego Hobbit game, met the author of Gunnerkrigg Court, watched a League of Legends tournament, and bought some comics. It's all good fun, but the heart of the event was just hanging out with friends all day and starting at strangers' clothes. Because dressing up is everything.

You can see I still have my pauldrons on here. People kept banging into them until they ripped off so I gave up on them later. I actually think it still works without them. I also yelled at a stranger for barging past me to get ahead in the queue to get in a doing that first bit of damage. Still feeling a little guilty that I may have ruined his day. On the other hand, he ruined months of work. And I can be pretty forthright about that kind of thing!

Even made the earrings to match as well.

 That's us meeting 2 other costumers at the train station on the way. They then very kindly fixed my wig for me. One of those strange things of them fixing my hair, sorting out my costume and chatting for some time before sticking our hands out and getting names and introductions.
And then just a little flavour of how other people were dressed at the event:

Have you been to a Comic Con? Were you at the one in London last weekend? I hope you think I make a good Erza. But now to decide what to go as for next year... And I just watched Maleficent last night so I'm full of ideas!


  1. Wow, I've really enjoyed reading about everyone time. I would love to go, if only once!

  2. All that hard work really paid off - you look fantastic and so do your friends :)

  3. OH MY GOSH YOU LOOK SO COOL! Goshdangit I've always wanted to cosplay Link or Malon and one day I totally freakin' need to just do it before eI get too old. But ugh, you look awesome, as do your friends! I'm glad you had fun.

    Also, in reply to your comment, that made me laugh about the 3rd encounter! I can only hope it'll be super magical. ;) Muwahaha!

  4. Your attention to detail in the outfit is extraordinary. I'm not surprised it took months to create. But oh how satisfying to put it on and know that it was all your own creativity and graft and planning and glueing. Brilliant! It's an impressively exact recreation.

  5. This is so awesome! You look incredible!

    My boyfriend is into cons and dressing up and armour and all that jazz. He does Star Wars stuff, but i'm very well versed in this world due to him and it's so cool to see other costumes! You are awesome.

  6. Wow! You look amazing! Good work on the costume! Actually, you all did good jobs on your costumes! I love Katniss- I'm a big fan of the Hunger Games. Anyhow, we have Comic Con here in San Diego, and it's a BIG DEAL. It's always sold out and so many people that I know go. I haven't had the chance to yet, but I definitely want to see what it's all about one day. I might even have to go by myself, since I'm not sure if I can drag the husband with me. -Jess L

  7. Very cool! I'm really impressed by the work it must have taken and how true it stayed to the image of the character.

  8. I love your Comic Con outfit! Such a spot on reproduction :).