Origami Girl

Monday, 5 May 2014

In which I happen upon nature next door

This nature reserve is a source of embarassment for me. It's beautiful and peaceful. When Andy and I found it, we had the place to ourselves. The outfit photos are great, no one disturbed us. But what's embrassing? It's 10 minutes walk from our house. And we found it yesterday. We've been in our house for 2 years. I cringe so much writing that. Well how did it happen? A friend of ours post-bbq round the corner told us about it. And it was tucked away down some residential streets, past turnings we would never have taken to get anywhere obvious. And then we found paths, and a pond and finally a peaceful place to go for photos and chats. We were astonished by it and so ashamed of our failure to find things in our own town!

On the bright side, I am wearing these insanely wonderful shorts. They are a bit like when I got my new haircut and I spent the day going 'Look at me! I am awesome'. Heehee. Yes, I love these shorts so much. I've been trying to buy shorts for about 2 years now. I only own 1 other pair that were second hand. Literally can never find shorts that work for me and my too wide hips and ever-present stomach. These shorts work though because they zip up at the side, like a skirt does. They're also top quality, so comfortable and make my butt feel amazing. Also, it's just a crazy orange colour. It was one of those moments where the second I tried it on, I had to have them. They're from Zara which is a brand I am beginning to fall in love with, despite all their straight lines (rather than flared skirts), the clothes feel great. 

Oh and yes I am in that same kimono again. Can't really take it off. :) And I am by a waterway once again. It's just where I like to be. But these are totally different places believe me! 



How's your weekend. Hope you're having a May Day weekend.


  1. Haha, better late than never ey? :D But seriously, 2 years!? :D
    I wouldn't take off this kimono too, it's just extraordinary! Awesome mustard shorts too!

  2. Wow, that's an incredibly beautiful find. I would die to be there with a book and iced coffee in hand every day, hehe. And really LOVE those shorts! They look like they were made just for you :-) Gorgeous!

  3. How brilliant that you DID eventually find it though. There are still unexplored corners of my home village that can surprise me - and I lived there for 18 years!
    The shorts are great, so well cut; I too like a side zip.
    And yes - if you're planning another trip to Oxford please do message me - it would be so lovely to meet up.

  4. What a glorious place! As the famous saying goes: "better late than never" it's wonderful that you know about it now. Gorgeous pictures of you exploring it - that last one is my favourite. I love the shorts as well, such a great cut and colour.