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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

In which there is a kimono of sorts

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my Oxford blog last week. I really enjoyed reading them.  I've got a few more outfit posts from the trip to share. I bought this kimono jacket (is that what they call this? I don't even know!) in a random little shop there and I can barely take it off.

I feel like it makes anything instantly cooler. It' also a good patten mixer item. Even with stripes or animal prints it really stands out. As you can tell I am pretty happy with it!

These photos were a little odd in colour as we had actually given up of there being a chance for pictures because of the rain. There was a brief interlude in the showers but the light was forever changing and poor Andy was going mad from constantly trying to adjust the camera. We came back with some shockingly bright ones and some cavernously dark ones.

In the rest of my time I'm still working hard on my cosplay outfit for comicon. I'm trying to finish the painting of the breast plate, and I've now done about 6 layers of yellow but it's still not yellow enough! It's not quite the yellow wallpaper, but I'm going a little mad trying to get the right shade!
I'll post some update photos again soon!

Yup. Took outfit pictures right by this sign. :)

Outfit details
Dress: Camden market
Jacket: Oxford covered market
Tights & Shoes: H&M
Jewellery: Random places


  1. Oh boy, that kimono is fierce! The print is so fun and bold. ^_^ And man, I love your pixie cut, it's so cute!

  2. Dayuumn that kimono is awesome.

    Also, I have realised that I have an account here already. I totally thought I didn't and couldn't be bothered with the faff of creating an account to comment on here. So expect more comments etc. from me! xx

  3. These photos are so lovely and that kimono is so different and fun!