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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

In which I love Unikitty

 So I'm totally not done with The Lego Movie. This is only my third post about it, and there may yet be more. The wonderful genius thing about The Lego Movie, it is the one movie in which the action figures are the perfect representation of the characters. They are literally exactly the same. So when I saw that they had a Cloud Cuckoo Land set complete with Unikitty I had to have it. Even at the ridiculously over priced market stall that rips me off every time... *shakes fist*

But I have her now.

She's so happy!
The set also came with the little yellow and green snail character. Feeling inspired I decided to make more snails! I made a pirate snail because I only had one spare eye. From the eyepatch idea it wasn't far to make him up. Then I had a perfectly brilliant idea! The Lego Movie has robots everywhere, hiding in plain site as waitresses or construction workers. What if there was a robot snail too?
The other snails are beginning to suspect him.
The bad guys are coming!
The baddies

Robots programing robots. I'm pretty proud of that panel part, and the air vents on my snail.

They're totally serious.

"I only work in black. And sometimes very, very dark grey."
Everything looks better with Unikitty's happy face next to it. This is why when I went out for cocktails and lunch I decided to bring Unikitty and Snail with me. In fact I intend to take them to many more places from now on. At the moment they both sit at my desk at work and make me happy with their cuteness.

They enjoyed their cocktails at Drink, Shop, Do.
So there you have it. Lego Movie sets are so much fun! Aaah the successful marketing... Just wait till I buy the ice cream truck come rocket set!


  1. Hahahaha, oh man, I really have to watch this movie! Unikitty is the most adorable kitty I have seen ever!!!!! And that bug eyed snail, too cute!!!! I must have them!!!! O_O

  2. These are so cute! They brought me a huge smile :)

  3. super super cute! I love these little stories.