Origami Girl

Sunday, 30 March 2014

In which there is Hawkeye and sunshine

A 2 degree rise in tempturature in Britain is a momentous thing. Blue skies and a sense of actual warmth coming from the sun? We're out there in shorts, bikinis and sunglasses. The ice cream van sales are up, the trains are full of people going to the beach and the park is completely full of families and picnics. I am exactly like this. Hence having a picnic in March you know? Anyway, yesterday was one of those kind of days where the sun was hinting at things to come and I could walk around with a scarf off. Only the park was too full of people to take pictures so we took them at the train station on the way to go shopping. I really like how this different location turned out!

I haven't blogged in a while because I have been ridiculously busy. Andy and I have had friends visiting non-stop for about 2 weeks and only now are putting the spare duvet back in its box. We've had people round doing everything from dungeons & dragons, playing with Lego and going out for cocktails. I've got some exciting new Lego pictures to share in my next post!

In fact the shopping trip we went on when the train arrived was to go to Hobby Craft and buy many many things for making me cosplay outfit for comicon this year. I'm going as Erza from the anime Fairy Tail. I cannot wait to show it to you! My wig arrived in the post on Friday and the work on the armour starts today.

I also wanted to give a thank you to all the support I got from you for my post about my feelings of failure surrounding writing, and general life achievements. I'm not exactly over them, but they did really help. I am going to try and keep pushing to be better and figure out what it is I want from life.

We'd just been to the comic shop to pick up some of my regulars when we went to do this shoot so I thought it would be fun to show me reading one of them as well! 

Outfit details
Dress: Charity shop
Belt, tights & shoes: all H&M
Bracelets: Random places
Earrings: market stall
Comic book: Kate Bishop as Hawkeye by Matt Fraction.


  1. Oh wow, can't wait to see your cosplay! I wish I could go to a comicon too someday! ^_^ Would love to see tons of photos from your comicon ok? :D
    I love this girly dress on you, look so pretty with your short hairdo, and the train station makes for a rad background!

  2. A darling look- I like the purple belt with the dress.