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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

In which I am making Erza Scarlet

For the past 2 weeks I've been spending my spare time on a completely new creative endeavor. It's like the wedding prep time all over again! By which I mean part of my mind is constantly on the project and all my hobby time and artistic attention are devoted to it. I think about neat ways to make it better as I am falling asleep, and I am just so so excited.

I am making an Erza Scarlet cosplay outfit.

This is Erza:

She's a wizard from the anime Fairy Tail. A character who is motivated by loyalty and the desire to defend her friends. She doesn't take any nonsense, taking everything seriously whether that's saving the world, winning a race or getting a picnic exactly right. I recommend watching the show if you are looking for an anime to start.

So as you can see from the picture there is a whole lot of stuff to make there!

I've been working on the main chest piece for most of the time. There was a slow beginning and I had to do a lot of maths (ugh) and measurements to get it right for my chest. But now it's all cutting and gluing and fun stuff. I've just about done with the breast plate and am super excited for the painting stage. My problem is that I am just too impatient!

So what do I have so far?
1. Shoes. I'm actually going to use platform black canvas shoes with knee length black socks. This is because comicon is roasting hot and I don't want to bake my legs or buy shoes I won't wear agani .

2. Wig. I bought a specific Erza wig which has already arrived.

3. Pauldrons. Shoulder pieces are made! But need to be painted.

Making initial measurements.
Curve number 1 glued in place
Completed pauldron.
4. Breast plate. Almost all done except for the neck, and then painting.
It fastens with a zip!
Basic body shape before extras
Making a paper template for the neck piece
And now! A little bit of detailing, and putting those pauldrons on!
Pauldrons are attached with split pins so I'll be able to move my arms about. Always useful!
So what's left? 
Yeah so, quite a lot. That would be the sword, gauntlets and little winged elbows. Plus her diamond earrings. But I am confident it's going to get done! Comicon is 23rd May so I'm going to have to keep working hard.

In case you think that I am incredibly clever to have come up with how to make all this, I am not. Yes, I made it and did the measurements, but I am actually following a tutorial I found online!
I'd decided to go for Erza from that start but Google found me this amazing girl who had made it all before AND put up every single bit of instructions online.

I'm sure mine will turn out a little different, just through having different materials available but the girl below is basically what I am aiming for:

Image by SIMCAT on DeviantArt. The instructions written by the model are all available on her page on Inustructables.

Have you ever made armour like this? Got an tips? 


  1. Woah, this is so cool! It's going to turn out great :))


  2. It's not easy doing this, doesn't matter if you're using a tutorial or not. This is freakin hard! You must be a magician O_O Can't wait to see the end result!!!

  3. Really inspiring to see the degree of detailed planning going into the creation. And how immensely satisfying to be so imaginatively involved in making everything. I love that feeling of being absorbed by something that's a work in progress, so that you just want to keep returning to it.

  4. wow, I love looking at others cosplay, it's so interesting to watch people transform.

  5. How fantastic that you're creating it all yourself! It is great to have a creative project to work on and incredibly rewarding and satisfying when you're finished. Looking forward to seeing you in the finished product.

    PS thank you so much for your comment on my post about sex education, it was so lovely to read everyone's comments and I loved hearing your thoughts. Really enjoyed and appreciated the links you shared with me as well!

  6. wow. this looks super exciting! can't wait to see the finished costume. good luck!

    btw, been meaning to post a comment on an earlier blog where you mentioned you were learning japanese, and also drawing. If you haven't found it already, you might really enjoy the Pentel Brush Pen, although not for japanese homework but just for playing around! For actually writing japanese (and forgetting stroke order in the middle of the kanji), I absolutely love the Pentel G-Tec C4 as it doesn't blot when you pause for thought with pen on paper!
    The Brush pen is great for drawing too (I've seen... I'm still rubbish at drawing in spite of being one term into art class...)