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Monday, 10 February 2014

In which the Lego Movie is coming

Where all you would expect from a toy company film was straight to DVD and a lot of extra toys the Lego Movie is going all out with a full cinema release. With Marvel characters featuring, actual female gendered minifigures acting, and an over the top ridiculous utterly silly plot aimed at 7 year olds, I am still legit excited about seeing The Lego Movie. Please do enjoy the trailer:

And do you know what is an obvious extra to this film? Tie-in toys. I already collect the Lego minifigure sets which have been going for years now, and you have seen me blog about many times. Therefore as associated merchandise Lego have released a special figure series with characters from the film. Each one comes in a sealed packet with a potential 16 to collect, including the two main characters. On hearing this I had to go in search of this new series immediately.
I found them only released at WHSmith and stuck behind the counter like cigarettes and whisky so I felt like a guilty teenager asking the woman at the till for "Two minifigure packets please".

Then something beautifully lucky happened. My two figures were the main characters from the film: Wyldstyle and Emmet.

I think it's quite interesting that Emmet has very simple two-dot eyes, like early minifigures had, which emphasise his simplicity but also his link to the essential nature of Lego: building. However, watching the trailer the main thing that annoys me is that clearly WyldStyle should be the hero of the film, it just seems like she's not because they had to have a male lead who can be 'the Special' to save the universe. And she has to fall in love with him because that is what happens to interesting female characters. You see I am quite prepared for it to be awful, but hey, I will give you my full review with all the criticism or the joy when I have seen it.

What is exciting about this film?
-This is not a DC universe film, but it has Batman.
-Main female character is dating Batman.
-She is obviously too cool for him
-Abraham Lincoln has a flying space chair
-Morgan Freeman will be doing voice acting for it
-It also has Wonder Woman in it. Despite really loud demands for a Woman Woman film, the first time we are seeing her in Cinema in over a decade will be in Lego form. You take what you can get...
-There are Wild West robots

The other reason I am so happy with getting Wyldstyle in my first packet is that she clearly fits in with my Monster Fighter sets. So in fact do the Wild West robots, I really want them next.

I have a steampunk story with an all female monster fighter team that I've built and continue to collect over a couple of years now. Wyldstyle so obviously belongs with them, here she is taking down Mr Hyde:

In other news I am thinking of setting up a Tumblr to do hot chocolate reviews with my husband. We're just stuck for a witty name for it first, but I hope to have it going by the end of the week. Here is me enjoying planning such a thing:


  1. ahahahahaha, can't wait :P

    The Cutielicious

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    I know, it's so exciting, isn't it!

    Have a great week,

  3. Oh my gosh!! I wanna see it so baaad!!! And the hot chocolate reviews thing sounds adorable :) Do itt!! I've made a point of seeking out and trying every available hot chocolate in my town ;D
    PS. Thanks for visiting my blog! I appreciate your kind words :D