Origami Girl

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

In which there are seasons and stories

I've been feeling very introspective this afternoon as I sit down to blog and browse, and wasn't sure which bits to share. In the end I thought I'd give a list of a few of the things going on in my life at the moment:

1. Really loving a new board game called Seasons. I've played it two weeks in a row at my board gaming club and it's next on my list to go in my collection. The game has some Magic: The Gathering elements, but adds in some beautiful dice and cute animal characters. It's strangely addictive and relatively short, whilst also being very strategic. When we get it I promise you some lovely pictures of all the interesting pieces.

2. Having ideas for writing a short story. I used to write all the time, always making up little stories as I lie in bed failing to get to sleep. Lately I've been making up a new tale in those quiet moments and I'm happy that there are still some stories in me after a long time of not feeling very creative in that direction.

3. Thinking about the concepts behind the justice system. I read a blog post and many articles following on that pointed out that the concept of 'innocent until proven guilty' harms the victim a lot of the time, especially in rape or child abuse cases. Assuming the accused to be innocent, means the victim is often assumed to be lying. That in the court it is the accused who ends up in a position of power when a rape victim is the one who is cross-examined over their traumatic experience. I could go into a lot more detail about many incidents I'm reading about, but I don't feel this is the space for that. Enough to say, I'm thinking about this a lot.

4. Planning a trip to see The Light Princess, a musical play by Tori Amos that's on in London at the moment. Got some theatre vouchers for Christmas and we're planning a special night out, perhaps with time to visit the Hagen Das restaurant again. 

5. Watching lots of Star Trek: Next Generation at the moment. Honestly not much better than Patrick Stewart to warm you up in winter evenings!


  1. Such a lovely bow and whimsical outfit!


  2. Oooh! I love that dress, the pattern and the colors, how stunning. And the backdrop is a really beautiful location! xx

  3. You raised a well put point with the justice system. I never thought to much about it, but I can completely see what you are getting at. It actually seems quite ridiculous in those settings, yet this is how it's always been. We throw the phrase 'innocent until proven guilt' around in day to day conversations but when it comes to it, it's not a simple phrase. Like you say, it gives a feeling of power to the accused, whether they are guilty or not. But on the other side as the victim you are faced with trying to convince a whole jury that you are believable. Imagine the added stress... It's almost like the victim has to work harder to prove their are the victim than the accused has to prove they are innocent.




    P.S very cute pattern on your dress!

  4. Adorable outfit! And those colours are fabulous together! ^_^