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Saturday, 15 February 2014

In which I finally have a beautiful camera bag


I got a very late Christmas present through the post today. Back in January I ordered a camera bag to replace the old one I had, a second hand bulky thing that never even made it outfit posts and had an uncomfortable strap. I had spent a lot of time reading Dainty Squid's posts on her entire collection of camera bags. Beautiful as they were, and as much as I enjoyed pining they're all well out of my price range. However, she did alert me to the very concept of pretty looking bags for my DSLR. Then I saw a bag like this on Pinterest one day linking me to Etsy and I was sorted. This bag came from RockCowStudio for about £30, and if you are looking for a camera bag they have a lot of different ones available. I will say that it is shipping from China so took a month to arrive in Britain. There a lot of resellers and fake goods on Etsy so I do hope that this is a genuine item as it were, but it seems nice and mostly matches the description. It is definitely 100 times better than my old one!


As you can see the bag has plenty of space. I can keep the lense and body separate, plus there's currently space for my purse and make-up too. Obviously when I get a second lense it will be a bit more squashed. I like that currently it fits all the things I need for a day out in. Could probably fit a Kindle in too in the back pocket!

I haven't worn this dress in a long time because it is very tight and makes me feel kind of fat as it shows every curve and line in my body. I do confess to hiding most of myself away under the baggy jumper and scarf, but I'm showing off my legs instead so it's all good.

I am also still totally loving the short hair. The last few photos show me having fun with it. I'm thinking of doing a post soon on all the different ways I can style my new hair! 

In the mean time Andy and I have started a hot chocolate Tumblr! It is logically called fuck yeah hot chocolates. We're going to be reviewing hot chocolates, sharing recipes and talking about the best ways to make a hot chocolate! Please follow if this sounds like your kind of thing. We're looking forward to dedicating ourselves to the liquid cocoa.


  1. You look so lovely in these photos Ruth. Your hair looks great, especially with the colours of your jumper and dress. I really love the combo of that dress, jumper and scarf...lots of my favourite colours.

  2. Your hair is SO FIERCE still. Seriously, I can't get over how incredible you look. This coat is the perfect shape on you and matches the coat so very well. Also your bag is wonderful and thanks for the heads up, I am in desperate need of a cute bag because my boyfriend's camera bag is so hideous, huge, and manly. Also that blogger is from my city! Though I've never read her or met her. The world is small. Any way, your hair is perfect. I hope you keep it this way forever!

  3. I've been on the look out for a new camera bag since getting my camera. I've just got a bog standard black one that I normally put in another bag because it's so ugly. I'm actually considering buying a camera bag insert and then buying whatever bag I like (and that it fits into)... just an idea if you can't find the right camera bag.
    I loving the combination of the scarf and the dress, that patterns look really similar. Plus, are the little polka dots on your tights? couldn't help but check out your gorgeous legs!

    Don't take this the wrong way but have you thought about making your portrait pictures the same width as your landscape ones? I hadn't at first, but I was looking at other blogs and realising that all the pictures lined up. I just change the width in the post HTML in blogger and set it too my desired size and delete the height command. the height fixes itself if it's absent, all the proportions are maintained. For me I really like the same size-ness of the images. Just an idea... Sorry if I have over stepped my mark there.

    1. I really also wanted to have a camera bag that wasn't so obviously a camera bag if you know what I mean. I've twice had cameras stolen from me out in london so I wanted something that didn't say NIKON in big letters. The insert is another idea I had, or getting a little cool bag as those have padded sides and are often quite solid.

      Yes! They are polka dots. They show up better in real life but for some reason by camera just couldn't pick them out very well.

      And no problem suggesting improvements! It is something that I actually tried before. I edited the html as you suggested but it didn't work for me. Some of my portrait pictures looked all fuzzed out. I mean they lost their sharpness as they were blown up to the same width. I switched it back immediately, but maybe I did something wrong?

  4. What a brilliant, practical bag. I tend to wrap my camera in a scarf and then carry it in whatever bag is capacious enough, but it's probably not the safest way to lug it around. Great new hair too, it really, really suits you, as does your bargain of a coat. Definitely worth the continued charity shop haunting. And the dress (looking like a skirt here) is one to wear and wear and again.

  5. Absolutely love the bag you picked out! The compartments inside are perfect and looks like it would cost a lot more than it did. I've thought about getting a camera bag before but just don't have the money to spare. Bookmarked the shop for future reference :)

  6. I love that camera bag, and absolutely ADORE your outfit, especially the jacket! I've been keeping my eye on similar camera bags on Etsy as well. Also, good choice on the hair color and style; I think it suits you very well. -Jess L

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