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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

In which Christmas begins with Playmobil and plastic flowers

 Although there is a lot of Lego on this blog, never let it be forgotten that Playmobil was in fact my first toy love, and the one I have a chest full of in our living room. I have a lot of Christmas themed Playmobil I have gathered over time. I love decorating for Christmas and buying things that fit with that and with my toy love is a favourite pleasure. So last year you may remember I set up a little Playmobil nativity scene on our windowsill. I didn't have the official nativity set, instead I built it out of the different sets I had, plus my wise men set that is in the official Christmas sets. But then my in-laws got me (and Andy too really) an early Christmas present to put up now!

We have the full Christmas nativity set, and I was able to add the other pieces I already had to do this massive scene:

And why not bring some flowers as well?
It comes with a light up lantern!

Adding sheep from my farm set too, I nearly have a whole flock now.
I love the new donkey! I like to have lots of animal sets, and this is my first donkey.

This is such a good Christmas card cover!
I really love the lush gold wings my little angel has.

Hahah. I snuck Yoda in at the back.

When we were setting this up you should have seen the other silly things we put in as jokes... from twin babies (gasp) to wizards. But other than the flowers and Yoda we kept it fairly normal in the end.

Every year I do something different with my Christmas Playmobil. Probably my favourite still was when I made a Santa in the woods scene, with ninjas and Pirates celebrating Christmas together. I just looked back at those old photos, and wow. They are not worth linking to, how things have changed. :)  That was at university where I had a chest of drawers dedicated to different Playmobil displays. I don't have such a large dedicated space in my house now, but setting up the nativity with my husband last night reminded me how much I love making these scenes. I don't think I will ever grow out of loving these toys.


  1. Oh so cute! My son - being the lego fanatic that he is would love this! Right now we the weebles nativity set for him though...ha! I read your post on female characters in legos last week and got busy with the kiddo before I could comment - but I couldn't believe that I never noticed the smurfette principal thing before being that we are drowning in legos in my house! (Probably b/c I have boys) Anyhow, over break I saw a commercial for girl's lego pool house set - pink, purple, adorable...the whole shebang!

  2. We had so many of Playmobils growing up! So I got really excited seeing this post!

  3. Haha, yoda really makes the scene! Lovely :)

  4. looks so cute :)