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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

In which there is a tale of many coats

Cape coat  green wool  coats for women 

I will tell you a tale of a coat. It's a very short and simple, yet moving tale. I saw a beautiful coat in a charity shop window. It was grey and long and flared out like a dress at the bottom. It fitted nicely and had many good features. It was however, more money than I really have to spend. I went to a charity shop looking for coats after all and it was £125! It was down from £500, an incredible bargain, as the shop assistant insisted.
But I walked away from it.

It was way more than I had, was ready spend, or have floating around in spare cash. I was resigned and accepting, but two weeks later I am still thinking about it and regretting it. I went back yesterday and it was forever gone. Now I've been punishing myself by looking at the coats I could get instead. However, I have decided that after Christmas is over and all that big spending done, I might treat myself to one. After all, this is Britain. There is months more cold to go.

That being said, here are my favourite coats from across the Internet I am lusting after. If you have any good suggestions of coats in this kind of style that somehow are under a hundred, please let me know!

Fit and flare ebay coat

DaWanda Camel Coat
Classy and smart. 

 Double breasted ruffle coat. This one is funny because of how utterly different the model shot and then the normal shot look. They don't even look like the same coat. I am putting this up because the whole thing here is beautiful, but I don't trust it at all! I found it on ebay I think.

Mens Slim Fit Double Breasted Trench Casual Peacoat Military Jacket Overcoat

I don't even care that it's a men's coat. It looks well sexy. From Etsy. Except I definitely have boobs so I don't think thats an option

Also Etsy find below. By BritishSteele.
I really love the style, but I would prefer it in another colour. Like a burnt orange or burgendy.

 There is a shop called YL1 dresses I discovered on Etsy today and seriously, every single coat is amazing in different ways. The next 2, and the green one at the top are all from this designer.

Winter women Shawl collar red wool long  Coat (155)

red coat winter coats for women 100% cashmere  jacket

And this from etsy shop Lixme. I love how smart it looks. Except, let's be honest, that many buttons would take half the morning putting it on.
New 2013 autumn winter flip collar double breasted medium long knee length cashmere wool women coat

So in summary looking back at what I picked out. It seems like I want to look that is miliary-with-ruffles. I am trying to cultivate a look that is a little more edgy. I've recently got bored of my cuter clothing and I want to have a more grown-up style. Which is about bloody time to be honest isn't it? :P


  1. Obsessed with the first coat! I have the same problem with coats. I can almost never justify the prices and then I cry about now owning them forever.

  2. This has happened to me, too, numerous times. But I'm sure you'll find an equally beautiful coat for the many winters to come!

    Have a fantastic day,

  3. Ooooh, coats, I am a little too fixated on coats. Consequently, back at home I have a rail of coats, capes and jackets that stand outside the door to my room, meaning that my poor brother has to push past them to get into his own room in a rather Narnia-like manner. All of them though are either family hand-downs, presents or very affordable second hand from a variety of sources.
    So, how to find THE coat haunting your imagination... I'm assuming that on ebay you have also tried search terms such as 40s coat (also 50s and 70s) as they are sometimes the shape you want, without having been described as 'fit and flare'. It's also worth keeping an eye on Oxfam online's selection of vintage coats as treasures do pop up. Hope you find what you're looking for.

  4. Where can i find the last black coat? Im in love with it =)