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Sunday, 24 November 2013

In which it was the Day of the Doctor


Yes, the Day of the Doctor, that much aniticipated moment in British television has been and gone. If by any chance you happen to have completely missed what all this was about, this was the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, the British sci-fi classic.

I had to wear a suitable outfit for the occassion so got out my only Doctor Who t-shirt (the one that I never wear because it doesn't fit me) and one of my many space-print items. Plus, I'm wearing an item of clothing which feels remarkably like a cape. And that is just awesome regardless. 

Please act as though this is a picture of Mulan, being distracted by the TARDIS, rather than a picture of my boobs. Woops.

This is the image my t-shirt is using. From a series of pictures of Disney Heroines meets Doctor Who by Karen Hallion. They are amazing.

And this was the t-shirt design I nearly bought. A very difficult choice. You can buy the t-shirts here, but they do run small. I really like it, but it's quite tight under the armpits and around my boobs. She also sells notecards and prints with lots of Doctor Who themed things!

I know the photos and the background are not among my best. This is because the park we were going to take them in was closed off, and it was also really bloody freezing outside. It was hard to take a lot of photos and smile when my teeth were chattering. I know I complain about it every year, but I have a very low weather-endurance stat.

Anyway, back to the Doctor! The all-important question, how was it? Oh and obviously *spoilers*

The episode was attempting to do a number of things at once and I think thus shouldn't be taken too seriously. It was
 1. A Doctor Who episode with adventures in space and time.
 2. A celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who.
3. A remembrance of all the Doctors who had gone before.

As a 50 year special they wanted to include a lot of Doctor Who elements and they crammed the time with them: Rubbery space monsters, U.N.I.T, big scarves, silly hats, historical characters, TARDIS malfunctions, sonic screwdriver saves, running, statues coming to life, the Brigadier and plot holes...

Well. It was a lot of fun. Which is interesting considering it was about the decision whether or not to commit mass-genocide. They showed how the Time War has shaped all their experiences and personalities, and I don't feel like the ultimate ending has undone that. Rather it has shown how the last few seasons have changed him. How they have allowed him to reach this point. It will be interesting to see him having purpose more than aimless wandering in the future.

 Bad things: Clara was a little annoying as usual though. Osgood with the scarf spent too much time saying 'The Doctor will save me' when she seemed clever enough to try and do some saving of herself. Time Lords seem weirdly primitive with their machine guns and violence. And remember, this is Moffat. Plot holes are like candy to him.

Top things: I loved seeing David Tennant back because he is my doctor. I thought the interaction between all three of them. I loved seeing Billie Piper back, but I felt incredibly sad that DT's Doctor never got to see her. I liked the multiple-copies as a theme for the episode. I liked the changing TARDIS interiors. The 3D paintings are beautiful. The Tom Baker cameo. David Tennant's last line in the episode was touching. Actually, screw it. Go to iplayer and give it a watch yourself.


  1. Haha, love those Tardis pictures, amazing. Also really love that skirt, it's so cute!


    P.S. You should just dye it! Then we can match, and as for the roots, that's what hats are for haha ^_^

  2. This is a very pretty autumn layering. It's fun as well :)


  3. Love this skirt and there's nothing better than a themed outfit.

  4. Ah! I loved the episode mostly and felt the plot holes were less than usual (or maybe Billie Piper back in Doctor Who was distraction enough for me?) that I didn't notice as much. But...yeah. I completely agree about what you did and didn't like in general.