Origami Girl

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

In which there is a minifigure update

The decorator is my new favourite figure. I love the splattered trousers, the roller, the happy smile and the potential to make a scene from She's All That.

My Lego minifigure collection just keeps growing. It has now spead beyond the neat row on my windowsill to a wild costume party with many carrying drinks and snapping photos of each other. I love being able to build new people and swap all their heads around. I am trying to document them all, with a photo of every new figure as it comes in, but then eventually photos of all the new ones too - and showing where their parts came from. I love making characters and backgrounds and stories out of the people as much as I love making spaceships and funfairs with the bricks. I will say that lately Lego as a company has not been winning many points with me. I am severely disappointed by the direction they are going in and as such I am holding off buying any more until my rage has subsided a little. So this may be my last set of new minifig updates in a while, especially as I just can't find the Lego Medusa no matter how many packets I open!

I bought so many sets in the goal of winning the Warrior Woman eventually.

A random lucky stop in a service station recently found me some more of these limited edition London 2012 Olympics mini figs. These guys had no idea what value they were holding onto.


  1. Hahaha! I'd love to see a picture of your window sill. LEGOOOO PARTY!


  2. LOL i love this post XOXO Anna