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Monday, 12 August 2013

In which I'm away and still here

I utterly love this new dress. It has so many subtle splashes of colour that I can pair it with pretty much any set of accessories. I love that the design has parrots and roses (which really don't belong together I think) and still totally works. Sorry the photos are not great here though. We're still working on how to use the DSLR. This time I took it home and everything is slightly out of focus. Annoying, because you can't tell that on the tiny screen on the background. I guess I will have to make the effort of wearing this dress again some time! I'm actually off to buy a new lens today because the one I was using was borrowed, the camera didn't come with one. Obviously it's pretty essential, but I am a little nervous about talking to camera shop guys. Not knowing quite enough about the camera I really don't want to be conned into buying a more expensive lens than I need. Any tips?

I'm having a stay-at-home holiday this week in which Andy and I are going to go exploring new parts of our town, and have some trips into London. Hoping to go to one of the urban beaches! So definitely need to get to grips with the camera. 

I bought this ear cuff a couple of weeks ago and I really love it. It's like having my yet another piercing but without the searing pain. I also like to use it to punk-up delicate things like this dress.

I seriously wear my clock necklace nearly every day. Without a watch it is the perfect time piece.

Outfit details
 Dress & Shoes: New Look
Belt: H&M
Jewellery: Random market stalls


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog :). I love this dress it is super cute I especially like then with those peachy pumps! X


  2. Cute! I like your clock necklace, especially.

  3. this outfit is so KAWAII!
    I love your necklace;)

  4. Pretty dress! A clock necklace is so much cooler than a wrist watch!