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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

In which Neverwinter happens

 It's been a bank holiday here in England this weekend and I did spent most of it playing Neverwinter, which is an MMORPG. It's sincerely addictive. Andy can't believe that I am still playing it, not bored of it yet as I often get of things. But I tend to have two moods with something which is either 'swiftly bored' or 'completely obsessed'. Thus is the difference between Borderlands (boring, gave up fast) and Civilisation (why am I not playing this right now!?). Yet Neverwinter is still completely addictive, the music still makes my heart warm, as does smashing lots of animated skeletons to pieces. In fact you can tell how much I love it by the fact that I talked about my blogging break in June being almost entirely down to the game. So there the weekend did go, on quests and failing at dungeons. Actually the game was so hard that we only succeeded on 1/5 dungeons, and still we come back for more. I wish there were more exciting things I could tell you, but it was a weekend of domesticated nerdry.

The only other thing I did was go to a meet-up in London to do the crazy brave thing of trying to meet some new people at a book swap event. It went pretty well so I'm considering going again. I find meeting new people terrifying but I thought that I would be ok with books, a topic I am fairly confident on.

I wrote a while ago about how I need to do more sport and get fit but I find the thought of it scary. I don't like being bad at anything, which I would be. And I get competitive really easily and then beat myself up for how much better other people are than me. It was while I was worrying over this that a stranger giving me a lift to one of Andy's many orchestra events and asking me about my hobbys that I had a bit of a revelation. She asked me if I did anything musical or artistic myself. It suddenly occurred to me that I didn't have to do sporty things to make friends. So I have got myself booked in for some Japanese lessons in October. And as they cost a lot I can't chicken out of going to them when it comes round!

It was an incredibly windy day for these shots, I had to hold my hair in place!


I think I am actually allergic to this necklace as my neck got a bit spotty after I wore it last so wearing it under a collar is my solution in place of abandoning it.
And a behind the scenes shot!

I am still completely in love with this skirt but it doesn't seem to be the greatest quality as sadly a number of the threads have pulled and it frays a little at the bottom. I know a few other bloggers own the same Romwe skirt, have any of you had this problem? Have you tried hemming it yourself? It's so delicate I don't want to damage it. 


  1. Beautiful photos, the wind in your hair and floaty skirt resulted in some really great shots. Lovely colours too.
    A book swap event sounds like a great thing to go to for socialising. I'm not very good at meeting new people and can sometimes seem quite distant, but not when it comes to talking about books!

  2. Ooooh, I am loving your neat galaxy skirt and spiky necklace! Also what a good shade of lipstick is that on you.

    Books and videogames totally connect people easier than anything else, I think oftentimes, haha. Why, just yesterday in my art class I mentioned Zelda and made two new friends, and the day before, mentioned Game of Thrones and made two as well. It's nice to know people! That being said, I would be so tempted to start playing this game you began online... the only thing online I ever played was Runescape, haha, and I actually tried to get into it recently and it's ALL different now. Weird.

    Also, your previous post about the lego minifigures... that is way too cool. Those were rad pictures to scroll through. :)

  3. The skirt is gorgeous, it suits well, you look lovely. Is it very windy? I see you like origami, me too, I'm half Japanese.


  4. I think this skirt is gorgeous! The print is so amazing! I don't like meeting new people either but the book swap sounded fun!


  5. A book swap sounds like a fun event to attend! As much as I love meeting up with bloggers I always fear I am so awkward at first - so that seems like such a great way to connect with much less awkwardness, hehe.

    LOVE the whole outfit here - the skirt is just perfect and your red lips...stunning!

    xo Marisa

  6. kuddos for you for putting yourself out there. how did the london meetup go? a book meetup sounds awesome and japanese classes, now you've really got me impressed! tot. makes sense to go w/ things you're interested in and not necessarily sport things just for the sake of it. i looove this skirt on you, you look so dainty in it! bummer about the quality, it might be the one Jessica of Midwest Muse owns that i borrowed for a Flock Together swap... so hopefully we didnt ruin it w/ so many of us borrowing it. anyway, amazing scenery too. is that a castle?!?!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  7. That's such a pretty skirt. I really love the pattern!

    I also think the buildings and scenery in the photos looks incredible. Such cool architecture!

    xoxo Jackie

  8. ah, i love your nails! i have a color similar that i always wear on my toes during the summer season! also, your skirt is really cute, i like the tones in this galaxy one!

    lindsey louise


  9. What a clever and smart way to get to know people while doing something you actually want to do. I mean, language classes are literally all about communicating with each other, and if the Japanese classes are anything like the English classes I've taught or seen taught it will involve a lot of getting to know each other.

    Also, this might be my favorite way I've seen a galaxy print styled. That necklace just fits.

  10. Awww I love this skirt, it's a shame it's not the best quality. And I'm glad you went to the book swap. Meeting new people can totally be scary but it's nice to get out of your comfort zone once in awhile :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. Great pictures! I'm Heather! I was hoping you could answer a quick question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail.com :-)

  12. That skirt is just so adorable! The print is absolutely perfect!


  13. A book swap sounds like the perfect way to meet new people as I imagine it offers the possibility of generating lots of conversations stemming from the books being traded.
    Snagging threads aside, your skirt is shown rather gloriously on a windy day.
    And finally, I was bowled over by your comment (on my blog) about one of the elements of your inspiration for considering Hay-0n-Wye as a honeymoon destination. It is a truly magical town in a stunning part of the UK.