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Sunday, 25 August 2013

In which I share The Minifigure Collection

A while ago a lovely commenter on my blog said they would like to see how my lego people are set-up and it inspired me to capture the house-party of minifigures. This is not the full collection of Lego minifigs I own, because there are others dotted around my house everywhere. There is a whole other area for monster-types which I have shared pictures of before. A section for super-heroes. A small arrangement of Lord of the Rings, and the wedding figures. A the abandoned and unloved guys in the bottom of the box of bricks. However, these here the majority and shares the party-set up I've got going on with them at the moment. It used to be in neat perfect rows but I have too many of them now for that to really show them off well.

All the party guests are arranged my theme. Here we have twins at the beach and a few other seaside figures are nearby.

Yes, the cheerleader is more important than all the olympic athletes behind her. She outclasses them all with her acrobatics.

Typical tennis player, always angry grunting.

A toast! To Marilyn Monroe!

The battle-prepared minifigs.

Space training from Susan, my Lego marine.

The new spy team. (Scientist, agent and the technician)
I love having one of my very first figures ever, the builder next to the plumber. It really shows the development of design in Lego figures, from the old dungarees to the new. And the increase in stubble.
Angry professionals.
Musical rivalry. Entertaining the party, at the same time. They are meant to be playing together but it does clash a little.

So these guys were part of a Doctor Who set up I made. They were inspired by the villains from the end of the last series, being one person copying himself.

The agent is taking those Doctor Who villains down!

Sherlock Holmes in Lego form

Peg leg pirate!

The space team. I once made a Firefly counterparts set up. Pink haired girl is the parallel universe Kayley, the ship's engineer.
 Hope you enjoyed looking at my minifigure collection! Which one is your favourite? Do you have a favourite Lego figure of old.


  1. Finally!

    I get to see the rest of the Lego family! *waves*

    Strggling to pick a fave here, maybe Marilyn? She looks freaking sweet! Ha!

    Thanks for putting up the post my love! I rather enjoyed it :)


  2. What a fantastic minifigure collection you have! I particulary love the Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes ones.

  3. This collection is genius !


  4. YES!!!! I love minifigures. Every year for my husbands birthday and Christmas I get him one. It's always so much fun to see which one it is. He has his displaying above his work area.