Origami Girl

Sunday, 1 September 2013

In which I say long live the queen

So this outfit was actually very much inspired by this post from Ali of  the Drawing Mannequin. I had this Peter Pan collar shirt I bought a while ago and hadn't actually got round to wearing it yet. Her outfit earlier in the week really inspired me. I had meant to be far more similar - yellow socks and black shoes and everything - so um, now perhaps it is only like hers in the same top. However, it was the idea of sticking with monochrome and then adding one bit of colour I went with. In this case turquoise, my favourite colour. I am also wearing the floral crown I wore for my wedding. I like re-using a little bit of that day in my normal outfits. I actually wore these shoes for the barn dance too. What I need to find is a dress with which to re-wear the petticoat!

The inspiration
Oh and I have a computer game that I absolutely have to recommend. If you don't normally like computer games, or you love them, if you like strategy games or manga, if you like really good stories or if you want great female characters in games, or any or all of the above, this game is for you! It's called Long Live the Queen.  The premise is, you are a newly appointed queen in the lead up to your coronation. You will face many challenges so you have to go to classes to learn to prepare for them. the classes range from Archery to Court Manners, Military strategy to Meditation, even Poison and Lumen (magic use). Every weekend an event will happen and you have to deal with it using your new found skills. But you spent all your time on dancing and not poison? Bam, dead. There are many ways to die, all in adorable manga illustrations. I only got to coronation after the fourth game, but there are so many new ways to die I can unlock... Oh and if it wasn't hard enough how well you do in different classes is affected by your mood. You need to balance your mood to match what you want to train in. And watch the story unfold. Also it's made by indie gamers and is really cheap. And I wasn't even paid to write this! Plus, if you get it maybe we can talk strategy together... ;)

Oops. Here is an example of failing at skills. This one hasn't led to my death yet...
After that brief intermission for gaming love, back to the outfit pictures. I do apologise for the awful background. We actually walked all the way to the nice park to take pictures, but when we got there found that the on switch on the camera had been knocked. It had run out of battery on the way there! Having to go all the way back to then charge it up I couldn't be bothered to go anywhere else, so these are just taken in the back yard. Apologies.

 Outfit details
Top: New Look
Skirt: Random independent shop in Edinburgh
Floral headband: Handmade
Shoes; H&M kids


  1. Beautiful photos, I think your yard still makes a great backdrop.
    I just scrolled and clicked through your blog to find your wedding post - what gorgeous, happy photos. Lovely dress, stunning backdrop and the aisle of origami cranes is brilliant. Love that you're reusing your what you wore on your wedding day.

  2. Oh my gosh, I feel so happy that you were inspired by one of my outfits!!~ I can totally see the resemblance, but you also made it so very yours. I adore that flower crown of yours, Miss Ruth, and also your pretty little stack of bracelets. Turquoise, black, and white all make such a lovely color combination!

    That game looks amusing... man, if I had any time right now in my life I'd like to start a few things on the side like that for fun. *___*

  3. This outfit is super cute and love the floral head band and the bright lippie! How funny you know Ayesha!