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Thursday, 15 August 2013

In where there is anything and everything at Portobello Road


In our little holiday-from-home week one of the things I wanted to do was experience bits of London I've always wanted to go to, but haven't. They were still really rather touristy things in the end, but a change from my perpetual visits to the V&A museum. So yesterday Andy and I had a fantastic day out in London, going shopping in Portobello Road, followed by dinner and theatre in Southbank at the Wonderground. We went to see an incredible show called' Limbo' which, if you live around London, I would highly recommend. It's a circus type show with acrobatic, magic and fire breathing and sword swallowing, all accompanied by excellent pulsing and energising music. Also, the girl who does the fire-breathing was seriously hot. I think she has stolen a little bit of my heart with her cheeky grin and amazing tattoos.
Seen it!

In Portobello Road: a shop only selling pastel coloured things. I can think of some bloggers who would love that place!

Vintage camera stall.
I have always and forever wanted a rocking horse. One day.

I love the way antique stalls are collections of collections. This one had sections of globes, soap dishes, lawn bowls. compasses, bicycle rings and more.
Hard to believe these vintage suitcases were real. With the sticker covering they look like cartoon suitcases belonging to a caricature.

After mentioning I had no watch in my last post I did pick up this little gem on Portobello market on a mixture of absolute whimsy and being unable to back away from market salespeople after they have made me try it on!

Open up public allotments along Southbank.
 We were excited to visit one of these first 'urban beaches' of which we had heard. Honestly, it was a bit of a let down. I had imagined some vast car park covered in sand with an enormous water pool installed. Not quite. More like a little garden area and some weird brick models. There was a good depth of sand though so I at least got to put my toes in it.


  1. Great photos! And now I need to find myself a soap dish that looks like a tub! Adorable!

  2. I love your studded jumper and bright lippie! I loved going down Portobello Road as a student - I haven't been in many years and this post is a good reminder that it's time I rectified that!

  3. those photos are so beautiful and inspiring <3 you look stunning, just like always <3


  4. LOVE that pastel-filled place. And your watch. Don't regret your purchase from pushy stall people, it's gorgeous! I keep thinking about getting a watch too, because all my pocketwatches have stopped telling the time. I guess I always have my phone. But I could totally do with a watch like yours.

  5. Haha- No I will be singing that song all day. :)

    When we visited London I was excited to go the Portobello Road market because of that song. Seems like they do have a lot of odd and unique finds.

  6. This looks like a fun little trip! I love that sweater too, the studded detail is so pretty :)



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  7. I haven't been to Portobello Road in ages. I can't say the name actually without internally humming the song from Bedknobs and Broomsticks! You're right, those suitcases have almost become caricatures of themselves, even though they're the real deal. Looks like a great day out, especially the show.
    I also really enjoyed reading about your honeymoon a few posts back. Now THAT'S what I call the perfect place for honeymooning. I missed Hay Festival this year and felt decidedly bereft.