Origami Girl

Saturday, 22 June 2013

In which there is Lego Batman and a new design is unveiled

Exciting times! I have a blog redesign! Courtesy of Jessica of Midwest Muse (who worked ridiculously fast as well as being very talented) I actually have a design I am happy with. For ages I was pretty pissed with my own designing skills. I do want to learn, to get better - but holding off having a good design until I had time to take lessons was getting silly. And now I have one in colours I actually like, and that I like to think looks pretty swish. Thank you Jessica! I hope you guys like it too! 

I also have a plethora of Lego toys I mentioned needed sharing, but the first one of these is very necessary to share the joy with. It has a lot of love from me because it actually looks like a set from the Batman Lego game! I love Batman Lego and think it is the best out of all the Lego games I have played yet, but I admit I have still to play Lego Lord of the Rings. Anyway, it is a fantastic set with a classic 60s looking Joker and his wicked carnival. I happened to have a couple of other useful minifigures that just went really well with it. It is also one of the biggest sets I've ever owned. Despite having a job I still feel like getting big bits of Lego isn't responsible - but this one was a present - so yay for that. Anyway, here it is in all its glory.

This is the set as fully built, although hard to capture it all in one shot.
The custard pie actually came from a different clown figure, but it had to go with him!
I love my Harley Quinn Lego figure. One of my absolute favourite I own.
A clown mini-fig, turned henchman mini-fig
Oh no! Robin has been caught!
But double-bat-erang Batman on his bat-bike is coming after having had his bat-breakfast using his bat-toaster.
And not a bad batbike either I think.
Who even knew the Riddler was here? Random policeman figure brought him along for questionning
He's probably up to something too though.
The set also has a bunch of traps and bonus things, all you can want in a Lego set. Anyway, hope you like both the DC Lego and the new blog!


  1. I;m so glad you like how this turned out! I had no idea there were so many kinds of Legos out there. What a cool world.

  2. Loving the new blog layout lady!

    Ahhh Batman legooo! <3

  3. I've just worked out from your reference in the post before this one that your wedding is, ummm...very near - this weekend perhaps???
    So, new blog design (looks great), new lego set (looks excellent), and prospect of the whole extremely exciting getting married ceremony and celebration. Wishing you a beautifu, life and love affirming day. I do hope we'll get to see some photos here.