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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

In which hats are back and so am I

I'm trying to encourage myself to get back onto blogging after such a long gap. I   confess part of the problem has been a sudden lack of interest in clothes - kind of an issue for a mostly-fashion blogger. I do have tons of Lego pictures to take/put up in the near future though. It's not even that I'm not wearing nice or even new outfits, I just couldn't quite be bothered with the posing/photographing/posting routine for a little while. The time Andy and I are spending together before the wedding has been delightfully romantic, so long as you don't mind counting hours playing Neverwinter, a new MMORPG together. Me as a Guardian, him as a Cleric - saving each other all the time with laptops side by side. Or you don't mind counting playing Magic and making new decks together as romantic. And you have to count Mario Kart!
But what I mean is we've been doing stuff together and it's been a lot of fun. And now we get married in less than two weeks!

That being said! I do have some photos from a while ago I want to share - and my work life stress has gone down a lot which may have contributed something of the cuddle-some evening time. So, I do want to get back into this world.

In the mean time, here are pictures of me in a dress-thing, turned into a shirt-thing with some shorts and a bonus hat! The top is actually long enough to wear as a dress but I tried twisting it 90s style to get this look.

Now I am off to go read my favourite blogs and get some inspiration!


  1. I love your hat and shorts and tights are always a perfect combination in my book.

    As for your blog design, I've been messin' with photoshop since I was like 12 and kind of just know my way around it. I could always help you, if your ideas are pretty simple (I helped a blogger before & she was a nightmare so yeah...) or I'd gladly to a full redesign for way less than hundreds. I usually do it for less than $50. Email me @ Jessica@midwest-muse.net and we can try and hash something out!

  2. Welcome back! I like your necklace! I'm glad you're enjoying wedding planning...

  3. I like the idea of tying up a dress like that. Very nineties/boho.

    Also- Best Wishes on your upcoming wedding! Exciting!!!

  4. Welcome back! And you KNOW I love that necklace :)

  5. i love the 90s twist tee- and a hat is almost a must, in my opinion ;) and i'm glad all your stress went down, and that you're back to blogging!!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Awesome look! So cool:)