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Saturday, 6 July 2013

In which I am married

After months of posts about Lego cakes and wedding planning, and then month of not posting because wedding planning and Lego building I am happy to announce that I got married last week! We are back from 2 weeks away, so I have plenty of posts and photos to share for a while yet!
It's funny when coming to write this post it feels a little like when I sat down to write my speech the evening before the wedding at about midnight, after chopping limes for the Pimms, not quite sure what to say, and how to capture it all in a blog post. However, I am not going to produce a speech this time!

Although I love to talk, and I have a lot of wonderful memories. I thought I'd just share some of the photos and add a few notes and how they speak for themselves.We don't have all the official photos yet (so no Lego cakes images to share either!) but I am sure I will post more when we get them. I do love looking at these as it was an utterly beautiful and wonderful day.

Our amazing band, with Jervaulx Abbey in the background

Little aisle of origami cranes

Milkshake toasts!
As for the fashion notes, my dress was custom made by Lady JoJos 1950s boutique in Edinburgh, my headband and all origami bouquets were made by me!
All these photos were taken by the utterly wonderful Malcolm and Naomi of Mustard Yellow Photography, who were more than just photographers, they were key to the success of the day and I couldn't reccommend them enough! 


  1. Ahhhhhh congratulations Ruth! That's so exciting! You are such a beautiful bride and look so incredibly happy :). The milkshake toasts were a great touch!



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. amazing photos:)


  3. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us! Everything looks so beautiful and special.

  4. Thanks for your lovely words, it is much appreciated!
    Can I just say: congratulations! I look forward to see more impressions in your next posts!

    Have a great day,

  5. oh my god, MILK SHAKE TOASTS. i'm already loving your big day. it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. i love the castle like setting outside, and your dress is so fun and so very you. i can't wait to see more details!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Oh my dear! This day looks like such an amazing wedding and so perfectly the two of you, so personality-infused! The location is breath-taking, the milkshakes lovely and that dress! plus, you made origami bouquets? How cool!

    Congratulations; wishing you a life-time of happiness!


    I flipped when I saw this on Ashley's blog and realized I hadn't visited forever. Congrats! So much. x10.

    Your dress is killer - but your floral headband really makes the difference. And your hair and makeup is like movie star quality girl!

  8. Ah, this is such a beautiful and privileged glimpse into your wedding day. So many wonderful details and moments in these photos...your stunning dress...how incredible you look...the joy of you two happy just-weds and the shared joy of those around you...the aisle of cranes... All so very, very special and yes - what a glorious location - I heartily approve!

  9. AW congrats girl! It looks like you had such a wonderful wedding. I wish you both the best in happiness, health and love :) Thanks for sharing :) xo

  10. Congrats! You look amazing and your wedding looks so perfectly you and british. Like it looks like something out of the magazines! You did a brilliant job and I love the phographers style. It really captured the moments and the ladies with the hats in the crowd are PERFECT.

  11. Huge congrats to you!! You look gorgeous in that fun dress and I love that you got it handmade!! the hair pieces you made too are such a fun tough. I know I"m late in the game, I just saw your blog through Kristian's (never fully dressed w/out a style) but couldn't help sending you a late congrats. look like an absolutely beautiful day w/ an orchestra in the countryside and the beautiful old castle in the background. looks like a dream day!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  12. You got married??? My apologies for missing this post! I hunted around for it after seeing Willow's comment on your current post. I see it was just right about when I was going through intesive flamenco rehearsal hell in July! Congratulations honey (belatedly!) - gawd everyone i know is getting married these days. Gorgeous photos and you look absolutely beautiful! Love all the personal touches in the wedding like your origami!