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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

In which I am Death and ComicCon rocks

Confessions. I haven't blogged in a whole month. I haven't actually looked at anyone else's blog in that whole time either. All of sudden I felt weary of blogging and then I was caught in a little guilt cycle. The shame I felt at abandoning my blog for so long made me afraid to look at it again. But here I am? And the worst thing I found on return was a pile of spammy messages. Not sure what I imagined - disappointed letters? A huge backlog of things to read? Well, yes that one pretty much.

So what has been happening in my life? THIINGS! I tell you, many things have indeed happened. I went to Edinburgh and got my wedding dress and some fabulous shoes, had a crazy throat infection for a week that involved blood tests and a paramedic, went to comiccon and saw some sharks. These things did not all happen at once.

ComiCon London was amazing! I am going to share pictures of that here and now.
I dressed as Death from the Sandman in the fourth time I have worn that dress, but it took bloody ages to make and taked up lots of room so I want to get the most use out of it as possible. This time was the best yet though. I went all the way with black lipstick and darkening my eyebrows and whitening my chest. I absolutely loved being Death, but the standard of cosplay all round was incredible! We watch the parade at the end of the day but all the things we saw across the day were blow away impressive.


I took some photos of other cosplayers but I didn't like making strangers pose for too long and the lighting was just awful in there, so most of them aren't even passable. However the two below were amongst my favourites. 
 Jareth and Sarah from Labyrinth, one of my all time favourite films!
And then this cosplay. Seriously. This is a person, not a model. I don't think I should say anything else.
 And I bought lots of things, including the best soft toy ever. Here he is tucked up in my bed:

This totoro toy has barely left my side since I got it. The softest thing ever and works as the perfect cusion, acompanying little mini-totoro who I have had for years.

There were many other cool things, like meeting the author of one of my favourite webcomics and seeing Nel and Eric from NCIS LA, but that's probably enough words for now.

I will try and blog a little more now, although it is a month till the wedding so life is a little busy. :)

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