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Friday, 1 February 2013

In which there are marrying montages

The last week has been a time of wedding preparations, lists and staring at each other going 'what have we let ourselves in for?' Not marrying each other: there's no stress about that. We are more in love every day. But deciding to hand make signs and flowers and name places and centrepieces. There are 5 months to go and all these weird things and questions crop up ("So your friends are going to dress you in the morning? Put your boxers on for you, right?" / "Why would I tell my friends what shoes to wear"/ "Do we eat breakfast together or apart?" "Do portaloos need a generator?") I just hope we can get everything sorted in time! Who would have thought there was so much involved? I am definitely looking forward to our honeymoon.
 With all that going on, (and sadly no new outfit photos to share) I thought I would share a little of how our wedding is looking and a little of our where some of it came from.


All images on my Pinterest. 

1. Teal wedding shoes from a wedding that has so many little bits I love. Beautiful photos and just inspiring.
2. Lego cakes. These are definitely happening
3. 50s Wedding dress style, from fiftieswedding.com but the dress has now gone.
4. We're going for 'bridesmaids all in turquoise and mismatched'. Not actually originally inspired by this photo, but I found this one to show my bridesmaids that mismatched could definitely work.
5. Kudasama flowers made of old maps
6. The flower door entrance is really the aesthetic of dreams. No time for any of that, but it's an inspiration point.
7. Thank you made out of Scrabble, a game Andy and I used to play every week, from this awesome Rockabilly wedding.
8. Massive Lego centrepieces on OffBeat Bride, the site that taught me you can think outside any box.
9. Oh, it's another wedding from OffBeat Bride! This whole site is such an inspiration and sunny outdoor weddings is where it's at. (*everything crossed that we can do this in Britain*).

Our Wedding 

1. Our wedding invitation. There's a board games theme going on so we tried to make it look like an instruction booklet. I did a post on how I made them on Gimp.
2. Wedding bouquet. I did a whole post on this so you know all about it.
3.The wedding planning book. All the lists are in here. To do lists, guest lists, music lists...
4. My wedding dress. Sort of. Well it is this style, but it is being custom made. It won't be this pattern or colour. I only got one photo in the changing room, but trust me it is lovely. And from a 50s boutique after all.
5. Lego cake, attempt number 1. Those little nodules on the top have cake in them too.
6. Yes it's another picture of the bouquet. Alright? I'm just soo proud of it!
7. This is the actual door we will be walking through to our wedding. I think it is just as nice as a flower cover door...
8. I am photoshopping it up for Scrabble name places. Actual tiles are to expensive, but images of tiles work just as well. That one is a long job.
9. That's the Methodist Worship book with our service in it, the flyers for the dress shop, the invitations and behind it a page of wedding planning from the book.
10. This was attempt number 2 of Lego cake. There has actually been an attempt number three but my Dad took the pictures and hasn't sent them to me yet.
11. Potential cake toppers. It's even made to look a bit like our ruined abbey in the background. I need to find the right hair for me though.

And that is that. I promise no more wedding things for a while now!


  1. Everything looks lovely! The invitations, bouquet, cake, cake topper - they're wonderful! And that wedding dress is going to look gorgeous! Hope the next five months will be less stressful for you.

  2. Ah! How fun. Love seeing what the original inspirations are and the process of creating your own wedding (love how personal it is! A Game theme! Lego cake!) And, I'll be excited to see the wedding dress. And your ruined abbey.

    Planning is stressful :( but also fun. So weird.

    Congrats btw to you and your sweetie!

  3. Your dress is going to be amazing! I love the one with the pattern, but it's going to be even better once it's for you. The invites were adorable too. And LEGO CAKE! YES!

    Congrts by the way!

    Oh, and Kingdom Hearts! I want to play it SO bad but we haven't found a good PS2 emulator to play on ever. I want to start with the first one and not in the middle or anything.

  4. LOOK AT THAT DOOR! I am going photograph it to pieces. Great entrance!