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Saturday, 2 February 2013

In which I have made a sparkly peter pan collar

 I put this outfit together pretty much entirely inspired by the below photo of Vicki of The Magpie Girl. I love the matching colours and the pockets and pretty much everything about it! I remembered that I actually had a pinafore dress (or two) but I had started to think I look too childish in them and shoved them to the back of the closet. However now I am just embracing the childish look and going all out girly.

This outfit is made up of handmade and thrifted items. The top and dress are both from charity shops. My mum made the hair bow and I made my peter pan collar on Friday evening. It's made from a lovely sparkly black felt - and I have more of the same in a snowy white felt and black with big silver stars on it! I think it would go pretty well with my galaxy dress next time I wear it. I learnt how to make it from a tutorial on Runwaydiy.com and it is really easy to follow. However I need some fashion advice before going further and make many more.. I wore this all day but it kept getting bunched up or moved to the side. It would not stay in place at all! I know other people must have detachable collars - I see them in blogs and in the shops. So what do you do to keep a collar in place? Should I weight it somehow? Advice would be really appreciated.
The sun was right in my eyes so there are just a bazillion pictures of me squinting. Sorry guys!
Outfit inspiration from The Magpie Girl
I am so pleased with my handmade collar and the pink bows going on from the back!

Sparkles and buttons cannot be beaten. Really pleased with how simple and easy it was to do. If I can fix the movement problem I shall make several.

This is the walled cathedral garden that makes me think of the Secret Garden. We had picnics here last summer, but now it is rather dead looking. Usually this is all flowers.
There is a lovely jewellery shop I go to everytime I go to Edinburgh and all my bangles are from there. Although they are not always on this blog I usually wear a couple of bangles a day. I have so many I have a whole collection at my parents house and another pile at mine! These were 2 more I got last weekend. Plus turquoise nails!
I can't resist sharing photos from my visit to my parents. I got up early to go to Edinburgh in the morning and this was the sunrise view from their house. I do miss hills and dales when I am back in London.

And just to go with the snow, this is my Lego Invisible Man I made the other morning. I have so much Lego to share at the moment there is going to be a big Lego post later!


  1. Very cute outfit! No idea how to weigh a collar down as I've never worn one but how about taking the technique Chanel uses in the construction of her jackets? To make the jacket fall properly she stitched a heavy chain into the hem - you could trying stitching one on the underside of the collar wings.

  2. Seeing this little ensemble reminded me of the outfits I'd wear when I was younger (except I'd also wear a beret with it.) Those colours really suit you.
    I wouldn't really know how to weigh down that collar as I've never worn one, but good luck.
    That cathedral garden is gorgeous! As is the photos of the snowy landscape.

  3. Love this! I've been meaning to knit a Peter Pan collar for myself. I think they go with anything ;)


  4. Love that this outfit is made up of thrifted and handmade items :) Very cute! Love the collar.

  5. I love the collar! It's so cute. And I dunno how to work collars either - I tried 1 peter pan collar dress and was constantly fidgeting with it all day so I stopped trying to buy them ever! I love the detachable ones because I feel like I could remove it if it got too annoying. I love your dress too - so cute.
    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  6. adorable outfit! love the ring! new follower! :)
    hope you have a great day!

  7. You made that! That is impressive. Good job, love the shot with all the houses in the snow. : )

    Ali of



  8. great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  9. this collar is so so so wonderful so I just can't!

  10. Hey lady! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :)


  11. aw yay! thank u so much for letting me know u were inspired by my look that made my day! i just love ur pinafore & those bright tights! :) vicki xo

  12. A pinaforte! How cute! (they are called that right?) Whatever it is called it is darling.

  13. This is such a cute look. I like how you took her look and made it all your own! The collar is so pretty with the sparkles. I think I would try adding some weight to it? Either way, it looks adorable :]

  14. I can't believe you made that collar, so cute! Love the jumper dress too, lovely styling.