Origami Girl

Friday, 25 January 2013

In which giants have invaded and brought toys

I have something new to show you. I literally whipped the below thing up in half an hour. I probably could have made it a lot better, but I am being urged to go play Fluxx with my parents (I am visiting), which I love. Hence, quick bit of fun. :)

Seriously best purchase ever. Andy got an award from work of £200 John Lewis vouchers and we bought so many things. We actually were in John Lewis for 4 hours. We did have tea and cake part way through, but 4 hours to decide what to buy. We got a blender, wok, printer, pillows, a headband and these awesome storage boxes. Although I also have a Lego lunch box in a similar style it can't stack with others like these can. We can now go back and buy more and actually build with them. :)

Also, tomorrow I will be in Edinburgh arranging my wedding dress. So I shall do a photo montage of all the wedding-y bits put together. I thought people would groan with the self-indulgence of wedding posts and the sickening happiness of it all. But people seem to like it, so I shall indulge a little more next week!


  1. Ok! These are beyond rad. I am so totally in love. I may have to hunt some down for my house.

  2. Oh my, my husband would FREAK if I brought some of those home (as in he would love them)! Those are awesome. We even have an external hard drive that is shaped like a lego!

  3. I've got the red lunch box. People do ask me how old I am when I bring this into work but seriously, we never really do grow up, do we? haha x

  4. Those are cool! Very fun. And I love wedding posts :)

  5. These are so so so cool :D