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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

In which I give updates on politics and fighting small monsters

Edited to add some clarification after some over-enthusiasm.
I am going to do a blog post about Lego today. However I want to share some really good news first. British parliament just voted to pass the Marriage Bill! Gay marriage is now allowed in the UK, both for religious and civil ceremonies - well it is if the Lords vote to agree as well. There are some other steps involved but I am really proud of Parliament right now. Oh there is a lot of bigotry and there were speeches out of the 1700s in the debate but -they passed it 400 to 175.

I wrote to my MP about this issue and sadly she voted against it. She responded to my letter, but not to my call to be part of history, to do something greater than tackle the recession. To be honest, she ignored most of what I said, but that's the sadness of living in a Conservative area. I have been caught up in the debates and discussions for the last week, and the last years. I felt sure it would pass but it is so overwhelmingly relieving that it has.

I think that it is a great step for equal rights in our country and I hope will be a step towards a future without homophobic bullying and a belief in love regardless of gender. The BBC article on the story is here if you would like to read more.

I am saying this because it makes me incredibly happy. I am not looking to have a debate about it because if you don't believe gay people can love each other, there's no discussion we can have. I have done that far too many times and I am tired of it. It will only make me upset and I've heard all the counter arguments before. They come from a place of prejudice. I don't believe equal rights is something that should be some kind of 'friendly debate'. It should be a given and I am looking forward to a future in which it is. Enough said.

Not to trivialise the moment I would like this blog post to have the dual purpose of celebrating a democratic historical moment... and sharing some cool pictures of Lego.

I have bought a lot of Lego in the last month and I have been having so much fun making new people and stories with it. I particularly collect monster sets. Lego have an official Monster Fighters series, but whilst I would utterly love the Scientist and his Monster set (*pines*) I don't have the budget for it. I do have enough figures that I can make my own monster fighters. The Lego series has a steampunk feel where each set comes with a vehicle and a monster. I have tried to recreate their style in my figures. I pre-viewed this a little before but I would love to share some of the characters we have.  Andy and I spent a whole night making these guys and whole character back stories to them as well! I don't actually have good photos of them all I realise so there will inevitably be more Lego shoots!
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is meeting with the Invisible Man. They are up to nefarious plots. But look! Belinda and Esther are driving up behind to capture them! My invisible man head is actually made from a 'lamp'.
My little trio of brain-eaters! I love that I can make the zombie guy hold a head. Heehee.
I got a Christmas set and decided that it would be another one of my Monster Fighter vehicles.

My Monster Fighter crew. Yes, they all have transport. They are all women and they are all awesome! Left to right: Lucy (and nameless driver), Sophita, Tony, Anya, Belinda, Esther, (There is also Sado on the team, but here he didn't have a vehicle).
My most recent addition, Cyclops! He looks in a bit of a huff.
Genius bit of design from Lego. If you take his head off, he has a smiley face underneath. He even has 2 different eyes on different sides!
Then I went to a Lego store at the weekend and they had an option to build your own guys out of mixed parts. These next three are all of my own design.

We are calling this one 'Tarantino Girl'. This should be for obvious reasons.
This guy is a little weird, but I really wanted that jacket and a beard is just useful. He could be my Monster Fighters lookout guy.
This guy is a little bit of a Bond villain, a little bit Clockwork Orange.
Finally, we have Roller Derby Girl. She is not with the others, but how kick-ass is she? I love roller derby. A sport populated by bright hair and tattooed women? My weakness. I have such crushes on roller derby girls.
I do hope you like my pictures of Lego. One day I need to do some shots of how they are set up around the home. They are dotted around bookshelves, windowsills etc. I love it!


  1. That is such wonderful news! And I completely agree, equal rights should just be a given.

  2. Gay marriage in the UK? That's pretty darn amazing! Here in California it's still illegal. It's weird because we tend to be a pretty liberal state. Well I have to say that is so very cool!



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. That's really awesome - I'm glad to see that the UK is accepting it now. Maybe it will kick the rest of US into shape! The state I vote in still doesn't allow it. Sigh. One day, I really really hope.

    Your legos are so cute - I love all your minifigs. I only have a few but I can't wait to have kids and have an excuse to buy a ton of legos and go to legoland again!

    <3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails

  4. What wonderful news about the Marriage Bill, I hope it will make it through the House of Lords! And your Lego men are really cute... I haven't played with Lego for years but my husband absolutely loves it, so much so that we got quite a bit as wedding gifts!

  5. That's awesome to say the very least. Finally a step in the right direction for society. 3 cheers for the UK! It's still illegal in my state - boo. I live in a conservative area too, but one day things will hopefully change.

    That is so cute that you collect Legos! I loved them as a kid (especially the space sets). My son just got super into the duplos (the big ones for preschoolers) & I have already started having fun again building with those :-)