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Thursday, 6 December 2012

In which I am a windswept giant

So I haven't blogged yet in December! I havent event checked the blogs I usually read or done anything of the sort and the whole blogging world has just slipped away from me these last two weeks. Sorry blogs! I am going to go on a blogging-binge this afternoon catching up on what has been happening  everywhere. Basically I have been busy at work, and visiting my sister -but probably the biggest reason is I have two new computer games! Heh. Andy and I used to play Kingdom Hearts all the time at university. It was one of the things that our relationship solidified around. We used to play it after going clubbing. Sitting up from one till four in the morning playing both Kingdom Hearts and then it's sequel. But it wasn't our game. And when the housemate who owned them moved out so did the games. Then last weekend I went to HyperJapan. It's a massive festival of all things Japanese -yes I went in Cosplay. We ate new Japanese food, bought lots of presents and then found a stall selling classic computer games. All the ones we hadn't seen in ages. So now we're playing a join KH game again and I'm also playing Final Fantasy X-2. I don't know if you are into Final Fantasy but I was not impressed with it after playing X. It was a linear game with nothing fun about it. But the sequel is awesome! It is playing as three women, all of whom kick-ass, it allows you lots of choices and interesting interactions. Even my beloved Kingdom Hearts is very male-centric even with a cringe-worthy Rescue-the-Disney-Princesses sub-plot (yuck) so FFX-2 is winning on not feeling sexist at al. To be honest it's very hard for me not to just get up and switch it on after writing all this!

Anyway. Now you know why I've been away!

In the mean-time I have got some outfit photos from ages ago that I just uploaded. I don't know what happened with the perspective in these pictures but in loads of them I look either like some kind of giant marching past the model chalets, or as though Andy and I just used a blue screen and decided to photoshop me into a holiday area to make it look like we went away...
I love the pattern on this new dress. It's a little bit french somehow and the bits of orange go well with Autumnal clothes. (Although now there is snow on the ground I guess my colour palette has to change a little too).

Wheelbarrow necklace made by me.

Red shows and frilly socks.

I am a GIANT. I swear this picture looks so unreal!


  1. Enjoy those games :) What a fun print on your dress!

    You're getting snow? I'm so envious! It's 33 degrees Celsius here.

    These photos are great, that second one is really beautiful.

  2. That dress is so very pretty on you, I really love the print :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  3. I rather like the perspective in these photos - it reminds me of the caravan episode of Father Ted when Ted tries to explain perspective to Dougal using some toy plastic cows... And ah, summer dresses and bare arms: I vaguely recall those, while shivering under several layers. Lovely print too.

  4. The print on this dress is AMAZING and I'm so in love with your shoe/sock combo. I want this entire outfit!

  5. What a lovely dress! The print is so cute!
    And yeah, I think it's healthy to take time off from blogging once in a while. It can get overwhelming otherwise!