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Friday, 21 December 2012

In which the camera is back

We moved locations to just down the road to hide from the neighbours... by standing somewhere more public. Not the best logic!
After my previous post which now feels a very long time ago when I apologised for not blogging due to playing Final Fantasy X-2 in all my spare time the trend has very much continued. Only I could have blogged these last few days in the times I wasn't on the PS2, but I lost my camera cord for uploading photos. I looked everywhere for it, going pretty mad teating the house down looking for it. Naturally it actually was in the cable box which I had gone through at the start. Fail.
Anyway I am here now! I've included some random photos from recent life events along with my outfit post. See the little captions for explanation of the odd images.

I haven't worn the dress in these photos for about a year until now because it needed hand washing. Yep. That's how lazy I am. Hand washed clothes just NEVER get done. I didn't even hand wash this! I just put it in the main wash accidentally and nothing bad seemed to happen so I'm going to do it again. Maybe now I'll actually wear the dress. Which would be nice as it is so soft and comfortable.
Also, when I was wearing this dress and taking photos in our back yard our neighbour stuck her head out her window and told us she was now convinced we were crazy for standing around in the cold without sleeves. Yay, *insert super self-consciousness here*. I always feel a little embarassed taking photos, but I at least have my fiance as a kind of shame shield. With two people doing something together it's not quite so odd is it? How do all of you who take photos with a tripod and a clicker cope when people stare at you?  Or are you just so confident that it isnt an issue? Or do you live somewhere where people are too polite to stare?
This is from a visit to my sister's house. We are rather alike in our love of children's toys so we got out all her Lego people and mixed them up into strange new concoctions. The genie surgeon had to be the best though! Look how cool she is. Just what you want on an adventure.

We then tried to make a J-pop band who you can see in the back. I particularly liked swapping Einstein and Pink's hair round. Now they both look like punk rockers! Sorry for the awful light in these photos. I wasn't really trying here, concentrating more on the Lego than the photos.

My latest figure in the minifigure collection! I totally want to build a Lego sumo ring now and get two of them.

This was at Hyper-Japan. A set of four statues depicting characters from one of my favourite computer games  of all. Chrono Trigger. We did not buy them though.
Sorry for the serious face here. I guess I was a bit cold.


  1. You are a miracle!
    I'm your new follower. I invite you to my blog, I'll wait
    tini-tani BLOG

  2. Your genie surgeon is inspired! I also have a similar approach to hand washing - what a faff. If it won't go through a 'delicates' or a wool cycle in the machine then it doesn't get worn. Oh and I completely ignore 'dry clean only' instructions too, with no disasters so far... Wishing you a happy and creative and playmobil/Lego-filled new year.

  3. Me and hand washed clothes don't go well together either. Heh heh..

    The dress sure is beautiful! Fits you like a charm.

    I love your lego pieces. It's been ages since I sorted through mine : )

    sending you happy spells


  4. I feel your pain. i have a stash of hand-wash-dresses at the bottom of my closet waiting for their laundry day...and I haven't quite mustered the energy to do so haha. usually i dump in a "delicates" cycle in the wash and nothing ever happens. though some materials tend to shrink which is why you should bite the bullet and just hand wash them! and i love this outfit- that scarf was a nice touch :)

  5. This dress is crazy cute! I'm a little bit obsessed with this color. And I am totally with you on hand washing; I don't think I've ever actually done it, though I have more than a few things I should. Love your blog and your style, by the way!