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Friday, 23 November 2012

In which it is about time I did a Lego update

I used to predominantly post about Playmobil when I was doing my toy posts, but in the last year I have given over a great deal of my love to Lego. Despite anger about the sexism in their marketing, or the fact that Playmobil is the stuff I have boxes and boxes of, the little single minifigure sets have been something great to grab on a trip into town and so I have slowly built up a little collection of them. I have done these posts many times before when I've got some new figures so I've got some photos of the latest few guys and the full collection!

The little bagpiper is up there in my favourites. It is probably the eyebrows that do it for me.

Snowboarding guy. Wins because I used to do snowboarding at uni.

Cause of it being Thanksgiving time I thought I would honour by American friends by putting the Statue of Liberty at the front. She does look rather stern. :)

I always think of this one as being Pink. I love Pink's stuff no matter how pop-y it may be compared to the rest of my music collection. She is awesome.

Aah! Looks like cave man is sneaking up on Susan.

Dancing Lego guys!
Andy bought me this on his way home from work the other day. Aren't the Lego pom poms incredible? I need to do a Lego Heroes scene now! ("save the cheerleader, save the world.")
And it's Hamlet!

I've also bought a couple of proper Lego sets recently! Despite thinking I have lots of Lego, what I have are lots of figures and LOTs of Lego board games. We have Creationary, Hogwarts, Pyramid, Pirate Ship and two different Heroica games. All board games made of Lego. But the Monster Fighter series, where I got the first set for my birthday won me over. I love comic books so this swamp figure set was just screaming for me to buy it! Look at the poor swamp thing, being attacked by the nasty bully. What did he ever do? Just living peacefully in his swamp! So Ann Lee comes to the rescue! I had to have my favourite figures team up against the bad guys. Yes, the story is humans v monsters but I think it is obvious that the swamp catcher guy is just a prat with some guns. Ann Lee now rides a skeletal horse and is just the best.


  1. Great stuff... Just one little quibble. Amongst cheerleaders, the spelling "pom-pon" is generally preferred to "pom pom". See this, for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pom-pon -- it even devotes a little section to the spelling.