Origami Girl

Sunday, 18 November 2012

In which there is an overwhelming weekend and peppermint

This weekend has been one that has been just that little bit stressful. There were definitely good times -watching Mean Girls and drinking wine as well as eating a ridiculous amount chocolate fingers over the two days. However I've been also doing a bunch of stuff for work AND wedding things. I can't believe how confusing wedding planning can be. We spent hours and hours discussing things to go on our invites and making big decisions like shall we get married at 2.00 or 2.30! I enjoyed all the design part of the invites but deciding on wording or which hotels to reccommend isn't fun at all. I cannot wait to get married but sometimes it is overwhelming how many different things need to be finalised! In the meantime I went out and bought some new tights. I got a mustard yellow chunky knit pair and these gorgeous peppermint tights. They look paler in this light but indoors they look good enough to eat. I totally have outfit photos still to go up from my holiday still but I want to share this outfit that I wore today first. I'm really proud of all the co-ordinating colours going on here.

This outfit is almost camoflage. Perhaps it would work if I was hiding in the Scottish hills amongst some heather.
The oldest shoes I own. Literally had them for eight years! Doc Martens are the best.

My necklace has a flame and a beret on it. I made it at a Christian craft workshop I ran several years ago and actually has quite deep personal significance, but it does look a little odd to outside eyes.

Woo! Batwing top: I love you so much


  1. Wedding planning certainly sounds stressful! I'm sure it'll be worth it though :)

    Ah, I do love colourful tights (although sadly don't have enough!) And of course, doc martins!
    The colour palette of your outfit works wonderfully with the backdrop you chose. The Hawaiian print of your shirt really ties in with the leaves behind you.

  2. You look beautiful! I'm in love with those shoes!