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Monday, 15 October 2012

In which there are lots of spots and a spot of wedding planning

Today is one of those days when I am trying to get lots of things done but nothing quite gets finished because then I think of something else that needs to be done and abandon the task in favour of the next thing that sounds interesting. It means that nothing is actually achieved and my tick list doesn’t get ticks even though I’ve been busy all day.

One of those things is designing wedding invitations. Our wedding is going to be themed on toys and games and so we are trying to do invitations that are reminiscent of board game instructions. The front cover is supposed to be a picture of Andy and I playing a board game. This should be simple. You know, I quite like drawing. I did Art at A Level. A simple picture of the two of us playing a game shouldn’t be a problem, should it? But no! I have been drawing pictures of me and Andy for weeks now! There is always something wrong. I wanted them to look amazing, look colourful and cartoon but recognisable and yet I still don’t feel like I’ve got it. 
This is a page from my sketchbook of invite designs. I keep drawing cartoon faces and not getting them right!

The other exciting wedding thing is that my origami paper arrived! After despairing over how it was possible that you can’t find any good stock of washi paper in London I ended up ordering a lot from Japan which came in the post today. And wow! They are so beautiful. I cannot wait to make all my origami tulips from them.

Over the weekend I had a terrible cold where I was keeping tissue manufacturers in business, but I also really wanted to take outfit pictures for blogging. On the Saturday we went out and did them, but I was squinting in every single picture. You know I had that feeling when a cold makes your eyes hurt. On Sunday we tried again and Andy had to take a LOT of pictures but I was feeling better and less squinty. However I was still in enough cold-pain that my smile is a bit forced!

This is definitely an I-will-smile-but-my-face-hurts kind of photo

The dress is from a little shop called Pollys in Aberystwyth. I love the poofy shoulders!

So at the weekend I also made a Carribbean beef curry with fried plantain on the side. It was incredible. I took lots of photos but as it was evening and indoors they didn't turn out so well. Please just trust me on how delicious it was!

Nom nom. Big bowl of plantain.
Our dinner all set up. Bowls of curry, plaintain chips and fried spinach on the top.
So I managed to still have fun despite having a cold by eating all my favourite spicy foods.
Hope you all had a good weekend too!


  1. The drawing looks great! I've recently been making wedding invitations (for no particular reason) of birds in bow-ties, top hats and feather veils. And it has made my sketchbook full of scribbled over drawings.
    Origami Tulips for your wedding? What a great idea!

  2. that dress is SO cute and i love your bag! the tights are perfect with it all. i always find faces hard to draw - cartoon or not. i always hated it
    but wedding planning! so much excitement. i just found my sketch/inspiration book for my wedding this weekend
    <3 katherine

  3. Your dinner sounds amazing! Wow! I also like your cool dress! Good luck with the drawings and invitations- I know you want to get it just right! Is there a rush?

  4. oh wow <3 your dress looks so cute! <3

  5. I love your tights and the sweater dress look so cozy. I love the idea for your wedding invites! Have you thought about commissioning them out? You could always purchase one copy and make all the others yourself for half the cost. Just a thought.

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment! your outfit is adorable! and the food looks delicious!


  7. The drawing does not look so bad! I love how exciting your wedding sounds, though I'm not sure it can be said for the planning (good luck!) I honestly hope that you manage to draw the perfect picture of the two of you :)!

    Lots of love,
    A Closet of Chaos

  8. Whoa that Caribbean beef curry and the plantains look out of this world delicious! Best wishes with all the planning - sounds like it will be a gorgeous wedding. The sketches for your invites are adorable! Your tights and sweater are the perfect pair together :)

    xo Marisa

  9. That dress is adorable! Love the ruffle sleeves. And the dots. And the turquoise. And your glasses.

    Your invitation idea is fantastic! I hope you post pictures of the finished project.

  10. I love this look! I have a similar pair of bright blue tights that I've been planning on styling. Thanks for the inspiration!

    <3 Melissa