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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

In which I'm looking for some reading material

I love reading all the blogs I do and getting to know folk from across the world and the most varied collection of clothes, ideas, crafts and eclectic styles and personalities.

Most of the blogs that I love to read seem to be girls who live somewhere near the countryside or some kind of small town (strangely often Midwest America or Melbourne). They like to thrift and frequent charity shops or make their own clothes and do outdoorsy photoshoots. They share a little of themselves and smile in their photos. I like all this.

I like their blogs and I like these people through the little glimpse of them that shines through the internet.

I am generally less keen on blogs where people just put pictures of catwalks or show off their collection of Miu Miu shoes. Oh, of course to everything there is an exception, but I want to feel like blogs offer inspiration and connection. Essentially something magazines can never provide.

However the blogs that I have found of people who live near to me seem to fall into the latter category. They also intimidate me a little with their classy looks and large shoe collections. Oh I live near London, but I'm not a city girl. I'm a country small-town girl at heart who went to university in Wales and whose parents live in North Yorkshire. London is still a spectacle not a home. The town I live in on the outskirts, that's home now - but I doubt there's a whole collection of fashion bloggers here!

*Getting to the point* I would love to get to know more people round here and join some kind of London group for people who like fashion but not Fashion and clothes but not Vogue. SO:
Can anyone recommend some good blogs that are based in London?

I just want to re-iterate, there are some City blogs I really like. It’s just that most of the fashion blogs people share or that I have come across tends to be American or Australian focused and I’d like to find more English ones in the hopes of making more friends in a city I am new to. I also love finding new blogs so please tell me what I should be reading below!

 Second point coming up!

Most of my reading list are about fashion, but I throw in some blogs on cakes, feminism, theology and comic books as well. However, I would also love to find more good blogs that are about those kinds of things, whilst also being personable, if you know what I mean. After all a blog of cake recipes and decorating is just so much more interesting if they share the stories behind the four foot luckdragon made of icing. So please let me know if you have any interesting quirky blogs to recommend too.
For instance on:
-Cosplay and costume making
-DIY, crafts and making it yourself clothes
-Books, but passionate about them, not just objective calm reviews
-Cake decorating
-Comics; about comics or containing comics
And just to share the love! Some of my favourite non-specifically fashion blogs/tumblrs are:

The Lady Nerd
 Amazing and striking cosplay outfits and costumes that are totally different from anything else. Even if you are not normally into cosplay, she also writes really well about conventions with all the little encounters and witty moments. She makes me smile with every post, plus she great photoshoots.

 The Lady Nerd in her Vogue-Loki look. Heart.

Definitely NSFW this one. This is the tumblr of Stoya, international alt porn star. Sometimes she blogs about upcoming films, sometimes she makes clothes, sometimes she writes about acrobatics training and sometimes about feminism. She is very intelligent, witty and all-round interesting. I learn a lot from her blog.

We Mixed Our Drinks
A blog about religion and feminism and life thoughts written by the news editor of BitchBuzz.  Very well thought out and articulated views on theology, feminism, literature and life.

Blog by an illustrator/photographer who does cute drawings and interesting photographs and a bit of life blogging.

Diane Duane tumblr
She’s the author of the Young Wizard teen fantasy series. One of my favourite childhood authors who I am re-reading at the moment. She’s amazing because whilst being successful and famous she is a fan. She doesn’t place herself above her fans because she squees over Loki, Sherlock and kitten pictures like the rest of us. Interestingly she has also written some Scooby-Doo and Star Trek books.
What else do you enjoy reading beyond the fashion sphere? (or even crossing over into that realm but residing in another)

Do you read tumblrs too?

What English blogs do you recommend?


  1. love finding new blogs and reads. I find myself lost in tumblrs for hours.



  2. Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    Malin @ http://fashionfied.tk

  3. I love that outfit! =)